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A list of the various albums of Bev’s over the years. They can be purchased from eBay, where they are all listed.

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Bev’s grandfather Will Pegg was a well-known local tenor in the Cradley area during the early part of the 1900s.

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"You're amazing Bev. Always have been and always will be. Won't you do another gig, just for me?" - Emma Marie - Jazzamatazz Club, Coventry - 12.12.20 ///

"They are all very good but, in my book, Bev Pegg will always be up there. You gave us years of sheer pleasure with great jazz and, of course, the jokes." - Facebook comment - Keith Prince - 6.9.20. ///

"The Greatest Black Country Showman!" - Facebook comment - Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang at The Upton Jazz Festival 2013 video - Dave Hunt - 19.4.20. ///

"Thanks for telling me about your Upton Jazz Festival 2013 First Half and Second Half Videos on YouTube. I have watched both of them three times. Absolutely fantastic. The best bit of entertainment I have had for a long time. The gags, the great music. Wonderful. I needed a good laugh in these troubled times. Thank you." - Bob Cutler - 14.4.20. /// (continued): "A few days ago I told an old mate of mine about your fantastic "Upton Jazz Videos of 2013". Well, he just phoned me and could not thank me enough. He said he and his wife agreed it was the most entertaining thing they had seen in a long time and absolutely loved it. Two more satisfied punters! Stay happy & cheers, Bob." - Bob Cutler - 18.4.20. ///

"They were brilliant. They are superb musicians. You don't see this kind of class very often. Fabulous!" - Sheila White - Hagley Community Centre - Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang - 26.10.19. ///

Brilliant night tonight with Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang. Thank you, Bev and the guys in the band for great music, and Bev for his jokes and stories! Loved every minute!" - Jan Brookfield - Hagley Community Centre - Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang - 26.10.19. ///

"Love listening to your music and jokes. Think you're great. Don't understand why you are not at Upton for whole of Festival. Always fill the tents and halls. We have to fight to get in you are so popular." - Celia Randall - Facebook message - 3.4.19. ///

"Once again thank you and the band for a super 50s / 60s Fun Night. The comments and phone calls keep coming in even at the Memorial Service the next day! Our raffle prizes and auction were also excellent in helping us to reach over £1,000.00 for our good causes, but we can only do that if we have great entertainment. Thanks again" - Brian & Pat Lovett - Elmley Castle Village Hall - "The Bev Pegg 50s / 60s Black Country Fun Night" - 10.11.18. ///

"What a great evening with Bev and this fabulous band. Lots of complimentary comments from the audience and requests for their return." - Pauline Stapleton - North Cotswold Jazz Club - Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang - 3.8.18 ///

"Superb!!! What a performance from two very talented musicians! John Richards with some wonderful self-penned songs, and Bev Pegg with a great mix of humour and song. We laughed and laughed! Our thanks to both of you. We look forward to your next visit." - Brewood Acoustic Music Club Facebook Page - 9.11.17 ///

"Thank you all for a great evening. Have not laughed so much in years, thank you Bev Pegg" - Patricia Innamorati - John Richards and Bev Pegg at Brewood Acoustic Music Club - 9.11.17 ///

"You were splendid last night. It is a long time since I laughed, really laughed, aloud! Wicked sense of humour you have which is great, even the little asides. Still strumming (is that the word?) beautifully. Loved the songs that we thought we had forgotten but haven't, lovely." - Angela Brockway - Bev Pegg - Solo - Songs and Stories - Wolverley Church Hall - 21.10.17 ///

"Bev, long a hero of mine, funny man playing as well as ever. More than worth the trip to see and sit in with him and Pete Hartley who I last played with, blimey, can it be 30 years ago? Yup. One of the best fiddlers ever." - Grant Baynham - Bev and Grant both performing at The Woodman Folk Club - 21.7.17 ///

"You were all brilliant. We loved that you just kept going with the music that everyone loved. Fantastic! More of the same please next year" - Jane Pitt - Hagley Fitness Centre Xmas Party - 8.12.16 - Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band. ///

"Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang - A superb Black Country jazz band fronted by the funniest man in British Jazz" - The Venture Theatre, Ashby- de-la-Zouch poster advert - 12.11.16 ///

"Just had a great night at the Shenstone Club watching Bev Pegg & the Boys entertaining a sell-out crowd. Great night lads....10 out of 10" - Tony Edgington - 27.8.16 - Bev Pegg's Black Country Rock 'n' Roll Fun Night at The Shenstone Club, Halesowen on 27.8.16 ///

"Bev and the boys did us proud back on the 15th July. What a cracking night it was. Full of the folk, fun and frolics we love. If you missed them this time, catch 'em next year. You'll be glad you did!" - Derry Jones - 26.7.16 - Bev Pegg, Pete Hartley and John O'Connor at The Woodman Folk Club. ///

"Just a quickie, Bev, to repeat our thanks to you and the band for your special part in making it a great night that we will remember forever. I mark you 10 out of 10 for getting it just right. We thought you were terrific.....and everyone I've spoken to feels the same. I do hope we get to meet up again on the jazz circuit...regards and best wishes, Dennis and Audrey" - Private party - 9.7.16 - Bev Pegg and his Band. ///

"Thoroughly enjoyed the gig. Couldn't stop laughing at your wonderful commentaries between the occasional numbers!! A brilliant afternoon's entertainment and I just wish I lived nearer to the Midlands to enjoy more of your engagements! Thanks for lighting up Upton Jazz Festival once again. Until the next time I'll have to be satisfied listening to your CDs with fond memories." - Terry Roper - 26.6.16 - Bev Pegg's Good Time Four at Upton Jazz Festival. ///

"What a wonderful night last Saturday at the Tennis Club! The band was great as always. We met some really nice people there. We've been coming to see you for many years and it seems to get better every time" - Mike Law - 16.1.16 - Bev Pegg and his All-Star Rock 'n' Roll Band at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club. ///

"Good to see you on Saturday. We really enjoyed it. There was a great atmosphere and some really fantastic rockin' and rollin' coming from you guys. It's a great R 'n' R line-up with 3 saxes booting it along and probably better with no brass. Bev's tone was ideal and there was a superb drive. I liked the bassist's approach - just right. Great stuff. Keep on Truckin'" - Mel Hayward - 16.1.16 - Bev Pegg and his All-Star Rock 'n' Roll Band at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club. ///

"My wife Ann and I so much enjoyed your show on Friday evening. The music was great, some of those lovely old songs and melodies from when we were younger (I am 77) and the jokes, how we laughed...!" - John Sharpe - Elmley Castle Village Hall - 20.11.15 - The Bev Pegg Black Country Fun Night" - Bev Pegg and his Band ///

"What a cracker our season finale last Friday at The Woodman Folk Club was. An absolute belter and no mistake. I'm going to have to rename the Bev Pegg Band and call it The Low-Calorie Band; I reckon I laughed for so long I must have burnt off at least 1000 calories! Weight Watchers should book them for their annual conference.
A more than full house was rocking, (and rolling), with laughter and it was pure joy to be part of it. Let's not overlook the musicianship that was on display either. Cracking songs, superb violin and I mean top notch! Also, upright electric bass of the highest calibre. Well done guys." - Derry Jones - Woodman Folk Club - 19.7.15 - (Bev Pegg, Pete Hartley and John O'Connor). ///

"Once again an excellent night (never seen the club quite so full)." - Rob O'Dell - Woodman Folk Club - 19.7.15 - (Bev Pegg, Pete Hartley and John O'Connor). ///

"We were all so very thrilled with the way you conducted the music at this year's festival church service - wonderful. I knew it would be! Thank you and all the boys for playing in such a sensitive way - so many compliments about the service were heard and lots of thanks to you. I will make sure you are on the list for next year - we need you and the audience loves you! Thank you so very much" - Gill Richards - 30.6.15 - The Upton Jazz Festival 2015. (Bev Pegg and his Blue Blood Jazzmen) ///

"Fantastic night Bev! You and the band amazing as always! - Deb Bayliss - 27.1.15 - (Bev Pegg and his All-Star Rock 'n' Roll Band at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club.) ///

"Mrs Jones and myself went to Defford Village Hall to see Midlands based entertainer and comedian Bev Pegg. I first met Bev a couple of years ago when he and his jazz band were at The Upton Jazz Festival, where he quite simply brought the house down. Bev covers a wide range of music and believe me; Bev is a great entertainer." - Alun Jones - Longside Radio Jazz Hour - 12.1.14 - (Bev Pegg spotlight during the show) ///

"I just wanted to let you know how much everyone, village hall committee and "punters", enjoyed your performance.
Next morning I attended the church Xmas fair and found that everyone was still smiling - and re-telling their favourite Bev Pegg joke!
I'm especially pleased because, despite having committed ourselves a lot more than we usually do, we made one of the biggest event profits I can recall in my tenure as Hall Treasurer. Hip hip hooray!" - Adrian Yeeles - 5.12.13 - (Bev Pegg - Solo - Songs and stories at Stoke Lacy) ///

"My wife and I recently went to Bradford-on-Avon Jazz Club to see an amazing act, Bev Pegg and his Jazz Band. Suffice to say neither my wife nor I have laughed so much for a long time. I hadn't realised that Bev was such a funny man as well as being a great musician. His jazz band was absolutely superb. He does Skiffle, he does Jazz, he does Rock 'n' Roll, he does Bluegrass. The name: Bev Pegg, don't forget it." - Brian Chalker presenter of "Same Roots, Different Fruits" on Somer Valley 97.5 FM - Monday 5th August 2013 - (Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz gang at Bradford-on-Avon Jazz Club on 2.8.13) ///

"What an excellent night! I had never seen Bev Pegg before - just a few clips on YouTube - and I was wondering what we were in for. As a bonus he had brought a few musicians with him, and so rather than just Bev Pegg, we had the Bev Pegg Band. There was John O'Connor on bass, Pete Hartley on violin and mandolin, and finally Roy Parry on guitar.
Bev Pegg took to the stage, on his own initially, to play The Cradley Heath Song, but not before chatting to the audience for a few minutes, during which time we were all won over completely. "I haven't done a folk club for about thirty years and the last time I came they all had beards and baggy sweaters - and that was just the women!" ... and so on. I'm not going to give away any more of his patter, but just like that joke you will have heard it all before. But to quote that famous Irish comedian "It's the way I tell them" - and Bev Pegg tells them brilliantly with impeccable timing. He must one of the funniest performers we've ever had at the club. After five minutes, we didn't really care what the music was going to be like - we were in for a good evening. Anyway, when he played his first song, we were pretty sure that the music was going to be good as well. How many performers get everyone singing the chorus to their first song? Well, he did!
Then came the band. Of course, Bev took his time introducing them, once again getting the audience in stitches. Then he hesitated. "What shall we do? Oh, I know - a jazz number. Shall we do a jazz number?" They then blew us away with an amazing rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown, with the band doing the inevitable jazz-style soloing. Of course, the Woodman (folk) audience weren't quite sure what to do, when confronted with jazz solos, but caught on after John O'Connor's bass solo and came up with a round of spontaneous applause. Unfortunately, the Bev Pegg guitar solo and the Pete Hartley violin solo missed out on well-deserved accolades, but now the audience knew what to do there was plenty of time for more spontaneous applause later in the evening - especially for the blistering Orange Blossom Special.
The range of music was exceptional. We had Bev Pegg's self-penned songs, including one he co-wrote with John Richards "Did You Like The Battle, Sir?", some country music, some gospel and of course jazz. The gospel song, "I'll Fly Away", a deceptively upbeat and cheerful song about death, was the one they ended the evening with, before the encore of "When We Went To Clent" which sent us all home happily singing. If I had to pick one song which stood out for me it would be "Did You Like The Battle, Sir?". Not only is it a great song, but we had a bit of the history behind the song as well, and then during the performance we had some incredible violin playing from Pete Hartley.
Throughout the night the songs were interspersed with jokes, reminiscing, and gentle humour resulting in one of the best evenings I can remember in a long a time - and we've had some excellent nights recently. The only questions remaining was why hasn't he been to the club before and will he be back? His answer to the first question was "well, nobody asked me .." and as for the second question. Yes! If you missed him this time around, keep watching the club diary for his return visit in 2014.
Support for the band was provided by Nothing to Prove, Barry Priest and Bryn Phillips (that's me!)
Bryn Phillips – The Woodman Folk Club – 21.6.13 ///

"It was perfect! You catch the moment." - Fred Davis - 4.7.13 - Private Party - (Bev Pegg - solo - Songs and Stories). ///

"It was one of the best nights we've had. Lots of advance bookings from new people to the club. We were all killing ourselves laughing. We've been trying to remember all of your jokes. Great violinist and bass player with you. We want you to come back next year!" - Debby Jones - 21.6.13 - The Woodman Folk Club. - (Bev Pegg, plus Pete Hartley - violin, and John O'Connor - double bass) ///

"Marie's suggestion that we had Bev Pegg start off our new year of jazz at the Harp was an inspired choice....a full house was treated to an evening of superb music by Roger Heeley on piano, John O'Connor on bass and of course Bev on guitar and vocals. In addition to the music we had the raconteur side of Bev as well with many stories of his times in Cradley Heath and other Midlands beauty spots!
These stories had our audience in stitches, some were cheeky, some a little risqué and some just downright funny....and all without the use of a single four letter word, the use of which seems to be the norm in so many so-called comedy shows these days.
The superb piano playing of Roger Heeley and the driving, slim line bass of John O'Connor added enormously to the enjoyment of the session as they backed Bev's vocals and guitar playing.....even though at times they, like us, were reduced to tears of laughter by their leader!
Bev and the boys(!) will be back! - John Howell - The Harp Jazz 90 Club - 3.1.12 - (Bev Pegg Good Time Jazz Trio) ///

"Once again, many thanks for a super evening. As well as falling off their chairs with laughter, I had so many comments about the high quality of the musicians. Please pass this on. We look forward to booking you again later in the year." - Brian Lovett - 22.11.10 - (Bev Pegg & his Cowboy Band at Elmley Castle Village Hall). ///

"Last night, for whatever reason, I travelled to Henley not feeling in the party spirit. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to an evening of Rock 'n' Roll. When it was time to leave, my hands were swollen with all of the clapping, some in time to the music, but mostly at the performance you and your band put on for us. What a wonderful night! I was quite refreshed. Thank you." - Alan Parks - 24.10.10 - (Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band at Henley-in-Arden) ///

"Your "Seascape Cottage" CD hasn't left my CD player since I got it" - Ben Watkins - 30.11.09 ///

"Many thanks for a fantastic evening on Saturday. We've had so many good comments and feedback - there is still a buzz in the village. Can you thank the "Cowboys", we had some very musical people and they all thought they were great musicians. So, the pressure is on Pat, myself and our team to put on another evening!" - Brian Lovett - Elmley Castle Village Hall - 3.10.09 - (Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band). ///

"What a wonderful night! Several people have said it was the best night they've ever had! We must fix another show for next year." - Ron Taylor. - (Bev Pegg & Simon Banks at Cliff House, Salcombe 25.9.09). ///

Bev Pegg Railroad Skiffle Group at Malvern.
Bev Pegg: Ha, ha, yee ha!
Coo! Wot a nite!! From the stunning violin work of Pete Hartley (why oh why haven't we seen him before!!??) to the guitar, vocals and jokals of that nice Mr Pegg, we were treated to a helluva good evening. And not forgetting Harry Rowlands and Ken Wright, without whom etc etc. Pete H has brought a strong and wholly welcome flavour of bluegrass music to this line-up, and with a great choice of numbers to match, the band were terrific. Speaking as a guitarist, I'd also like to say that Bev himself played some absolutely cracking solos last night in between the rest of his hard work.
We had a packed house (a compliment to Bev's previous visits) and from my perch at the bar I could see the good time they were having. Yet again, the Abbey Jazz audience demonstrated that it will embrace every kind of music that's good music.
Thanks Bev, and thanks People!
Phil Probert. Abbey Jazz Club, Malvern. 12.4.09 ///

"I nearly fell of my chair laughing" - Margaret Icke. Bev Pegg Solo Show - Romsley Church Hall - 28.3.09 - (Bev Pegg - Songs and Stories). ///

"Thanks for a great performance today. You really hit the spot with the audience". - Bob Rice. Hilton Hotel, Bromsgrove. - 24.11.08 - (Bev Pegg - Songs and Stories) ///

Tuesday, September 2nd...Bev Pegg on guitar, Archie Cotterell on keyboard, John O'Connor on bass and last-minute deputy Howard Gregory on violin made up Bev's Good Time Four who did just that and gave us a really good time, playing music from "Bluegrass" to love songs with the added bonus of Bev Pegg's wonderfully funny reminiscences about the lighter side of life.
The songs varied from "Dark Town Strutters' Ball" to "I'm Confessin'" and "San Antonio Rose" to "Take Your Finger Off It" and the finale "Route 66" with many more along the way.
To say that Bev's stories were hilarious at times would be an understatement...he had many members of the audience, including yours truly, not only laughing their socks of but also crying tears of laughter...and all without one single four letter word, a far cry from many so-called TV "entertainers".
The Harp was full and rocking with laughter and the music was great, what more could you want for a Tuesday evening out?!
There will be some snippets on YouTube soon, Bev did want to call in the make-up girl before the filming but I thought that was going a bit too far!
Bev and the boys (?) will be back next year.
John Howell - Harp Jazz Club 90. September 2008 ///

"Thank you very much for coming on Saturday evening. We, and everyone else, enjoyed your performance very much - it was just perfect - wives are ringing me up saying their husbands are walking round the house repeating "What a good night it was on Saturday"!!! Thanks again for entertaining us so brilliantly - although we knew you would!! - Val & Harold Spink 11.2.08. - Bev Pegg - Songs and Stories). ///

Bev Pegg & his Railroad Skiffle Group - "All Aboard" - "Eighteen wonderful cuts of skiffle, jug band and rent party music from Bev and his three-man group, who are supported here by violinist Pete Hartley and the blues harp of Big Jim Merris. From Midnight Special to My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight, this compilation is simply marvellous and a reminder of why skiffle was so influential and inspirational in the 1950s. More!" - Keith Ames - The Musician Magazine, Autumn 2007. ///

Even before the doors were open, a small queue had gathered outside Number 8, eager to reserve a good seat for the evening's session - such is the popularity of Bev and the band. It was good to see some of Bev's fans from the Black Country area, and certain members of Number 8 management were old friends of his, so there was much handshaking and "How've you been?" When the band arrived, it was a pleasant surprise to find that they had managed to round up Pete Hartley on violin - he's a busy musician, much in demand. They started off with a good old skiffle favourite, "We Shall Not Be Moved" which soon had toes tapping and proceeded with a programme of numbers from the "skiffle era" - songs as familiar as a heartbeat to some of us of a certain age. They were all there; "Frankie & Johnny", "It Takes A Worried Man", "Pallet On The Floor", a touch of 3/4 time with "In The Pines", and a real cowboy number complete with Davy Crockett hat and feathered headdresses, "And The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along". But it wasn't all skiffle, we had a Chicago like version of Leroy Carr's "How Long Blues", and Pete and Paul were featured doing a "Hot Club" on "Lady Be Good", and "Sweet Georgia Brown". Wonderful music! During the second half, Pete produced a violin which appeared to have been fashioned from a stag's antlers, with the tuning keys at the wrong end, but whatever it was, it produced a brilliant sound. The evening continued with a moving solo by Bev on Stephen Foster's "Hard Times Come Again No More", and back to skiffle with the good old favourites like "Rock Island Line", and the entire band featuring on the mandatory "Mama Don't Allow". All this wonderful music plus Bev's Cradley Heath brand of humour made for a very happy night of real entertainment at Pershore Jazz Club. - Peter Farrall 30.5.07. ///

"My Dad who was about 85 at the time came away from the "convention" raving about you as a great entertainer with great jokes that flowed with aplomb. He also raved about your version of "American Pie". It was a great day." _ David Johnson - The Clifford T Ward Convention - 24.9.06. (email message of 6.4.20) ///

"Bev however, is irrepressible. He continues to gig, wherever and whenever possible: jazz, folk, joke, rock'n'roll. As keen and as able as ever, an all-enduring enthusiast. The supreme performer"
Dave Cartwright - "Bittersweet", biography of Clifford T. Ward. ///

"Bev Pegg should be top of the bill at the London Palladium. He has made us laugh all night without using one swear word!"
John Howell. Jazz Club 90, Albrighton. ///

"You and your band were really excellent and indeed carried it of today. So many people were laughing uncontrollably. It was great to have such fun. The music was brill too of course. A huge thank you. You either have it or you don't. You definitely do, and were much admired by all today." - Peter Jacques - Clifford T. Ward Convention Organiser - (Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band). 16.10.99 ///