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From 2024, nearly all tracks on Bev's albums are available on MP3. Should anyone be interested in any specific track or tracks, contact Bev on his email address to discuss.
Also, by browsing on YouTube, many of the songs on these albums can be found should anyone just want to have a listen to any of them.



Songs of a 1950s Teenager - Volume 3

Beaujangle Label DB0828 - 2024

This album is the third collection of studio recordings of songs, that just over half were on the set list of Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band since it's re-formation in 1978 right up to 2019 when Bev decided to retire from his live band gigs. Most of the other songs were nevertheless the songs that were often listened to by most budding teenage musicians of the 1950s.

An 8-page informative sleeve comes with this CD.

Track Listing:

  1. Be My Guest
  2. Good Rockin' Tonight
  3. Little Sister
  4. That's Alright Mama
  5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
  6. Yakety Axe
  7. Short Fat Fannie
  8. Rocket 88
  9. Blue Suede Shoes
  10. At The Hop
  11. Lonesome Whistle
  12. Rave On
  13. Daphne
  14. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
  15. Queen of the Hop
  16. Tulsa Time
  17. Here Comes Summer
  18. Around and Around
  19. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.



"To The Sea"

Beaujangle Label DB0747 CD - 2023

This album is a collection of nineteen studio recorded songs from around 2018 onwards. There is no specific genre. They vary from Country, to Pop, to Folk. The final track on the album is a Dave Cartwright written song titled "To The Sea". What better title could there be for this album than a song by one of Bev's good friends who is sadly no longer here. It is one of three Dave Cartwright songs on this album, together with three of Bev's and a couple of John Prine numbers. The other songs all have a meaningful and personal history for Bev and his musical pals from over past decades playing with various line-ups at venues far and wide. Some of Bev's band mates are no longer around, but in producing these recordings, their influence is nevertheless present.

An eight-page informative sleeve comes with the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
  2. Do I Still Figure In Your Life?
  3. Girl From The North Country
  4. Paradise
  5. The Story Of My Life
  6. Middle Of The Road
  7. Kidderminster '61
  8. I Recall A Gypsy Woman
  9. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  10. Good Times Are Coming Again
  11. Sorrow
  12. Folsom Prison Blues
  13. Cradley Heath Where Am Ya?
  14. El Paso
  15. American Pie
  16. A Well-Bred Man
  17. Walk Right Back
  18. Four Walls
  19. To The Sea.



"Songs of a 1950s Teenager Volume 2"

Beaujangle Label DB0693 CD - 2022

This album includes a further eighteen songs, all but three of which were regulars in the set lists of Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band since its formation in 1978 right up to 2019 when Bev decided to retire from his various band gigs. In fact, several of these songs were on the set list of the first band that Bev and his pals started right back in 1957, with many of them being added to that list as these songs were released on records in the UK during the late 1950s.

An 8-page informative sleeve comes with this album.

Track Listing:

  1. C’mon Everybody
  2. A White Sport Coat
  3. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
  4. Things
  5. Bad Boy
  6. More Than I Can Say
  7. Just Ask Your Heart
  8. Dreams And Cars
  9. The Tennessee Waltz
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Teddy Boy
  11. Goin' Back
  12. Oh Lonesome Me
  13. He'll Have To Go
  14. A Teenager In Love
  15. The Anniversary Waltz
  16. Then He Kissed Me
  17. Rock A While
  18. Lucille



"Songs of a 1950s Teenager"

Beaujangle Label DB0639 CD - 2021

This album includes eighteen songs, all but two of which, were regulars in the set lists of Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band since its formation in 1978, right up to 2019 when Bev decided to retire from his various band gigs. In fact, several of these songs were on the set list of the first band that Bev and his pals started right back in 1957, with many of them, being added to that list as these songs were released on records in the UK during the late 1950s.

An eight-page informative sleeve comes with this CD album.

Track Listing:

  1. Sea Cruise
  2. Lipstick, Powder, Paint
  3. Summertime Blues
  4. Do You Wanna Dance?
  5. No Money Down
  6. Little Queenie
  7. Born Too Late
  8. All Shook Up
  9. Willie And The Hand Jive
  10. Sweet Little Sixteen
  11. Since I Met You Baby
  12. Kansas City
  13. Great Balls Of Fire
  14. Somethin' Else
  15. My Babe
  16. Bony Moronie
  17. Johnny B Goode
  18. Long Tall Sally



"The Best Of Times"

Beaujangle Label DB0376 CD - 2020

The album includes twelve songs, ten of which are written and performed by Bev relating to tales of love, contentment, fear, humour, irony, questions and nostalgia. In addition to Bev's own songs, also included are two by good friends of his. "Song and Dance Man" by the late Dave Cartwright was originally recorded by Dave in Bev's Kinver studio back in 1973. However, when Dave released this song on his Transatlantic album "Don't Let Your Family Down", the song was in reggae style. Bev performs this song in its original way. The other song is by another of Bev's friends, Pete Boddis. Pete wrote "Sweet Loretta" quite recently and recorded it on his recent album in purely solo vocal and guitar mode. The song is simple, yet catchy. This version contains added instrumentation behind Bev's vocal. Pedal steel guitar player / violinist Maurice Hipkiss and vocalist Kate Toomer assist Bev with their musical contributions.

A 12-page sleeve accompanies the CD.

Tracks Listing:

  1. Rosalita, Don't Make Me Feel This Way
  2. Song and Dance Man
  3. Sweet Loretta
  4. I Don't Wanna Walk Through This Town Tonight
  5. Born At The Best Time
  6. I'd Rather Be With You
  7. My Baby, She's So Good To Me
  8. They All Understand
  9. Whatever Happened To Marita?
  10. Stourport Boat Club, Saturday Night Jazz
  11. Stourbridge Gals
  12. Dancin' Into Trouble



"Romance And Broken Hearts"

Beaujangle Label DB0213 CD - 2018

"Romance and Broken Hearts" is a collection of songs written and performed by Bev Pegg. He is joined on this album by several of the excellent musicians that he has shared the stage with over the years. These include Maurice Hipkiss on pedal steel guitar, Pete Hartley on violin plus Roy Parry on bass guitar who adds backing vocals in addition with Julia Tromans, plus a couple of tracks from Kate Toomer. The songs all revolve around romantic relationships. Happiness, sadness, love, mistakes, deceit, coincidence, joy, nostalgia, to name but a few.

A 12-page sleeve accompanies the CD.

Tracks listing:

  1. Finding Romance By The Sea
  2. I Got It So Wrong
  3. Boyfriend And Girlfriend
  4. Never Gonna Be
  5. You’re Saying It’s All Over
  6. Coffee Aroma
  7. Tea At The Ritz
  8. Turn The Clock Back
  9. Team Of Six
  10. Brass Bed
  11. Gotta Move On
  12. Old Studded Belt



“Headin’ For Home”

Beaujangle Label DB0166 CD – 2016

"Headin’ For Home" contains a varied collection of 15 songs, all but one written and performed by Bev together with a bunch of his good musician friends. Bev plays alongside many fine musicians in his various band line-ups, some of whom have assisted Bev in completing this album such as Pete Hartley – violin, Roy Parry – bass guitar / backing vocal, Ken Wright – drums /backing vocal, Brian Godwin – Keyboard / backing vocal. There are folk songs, Black Country songs, wistful, biting, humorous, country and nostalgic songs.

A 4-page sleeve accompanies the CD.

Tracks listing:

  1. Born At The Best Time
  2. Down Home American Boy
  3. It’s Only A Song
  4. Two Singers
  5. Stourbridge Town
  6. Let’s Pass An Hour Away
  7. The King Of Black Country Comedy
  8. Donald McClintock
  9. Spring Is In The Air
  10. Richard Bennett
  11. I Ain’t Deaf
  12. A Cautious State Of Mind
  13. Bench By The Sea
  14. Church Street Blues
  15. Headin’ For Home



“Rolling River Blues”

Beaujangle Label DB0086 CD 2014

Apart from the title track which was written by Bev, the remaining 11 songs are a collection of traditional country blues recorded by legendary performers of yesteryear. Helping Bev out on this album are Pete Burkes – percussion / vocal chorus, Roy Parry – bass / vocal chorus, and Ricky Cool on harmonica.

A four-page sleeve accompanies the CD.

Tracks listing:

  1. Rolling River Blues
  2. John Henry
  3. Mean Ol’ Frisco
  4. Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses
  5. You Can’t Get That Stuff No More
  6. It’s Tight Like That
  7. Goodnight Irene
  8. Lost Lover Blues
  9. Railroad Bill
  10. Vigilante Man
  11. Going To Germany
  12. Out With The Wrong Woman



"Just played the CD - love it! Not a duff track on there - Bryan Chalker - Somer Valley 97.5FM "Same Roots, Different Fruits" show - 5.3.15 //
"A track from Bev Pegg's new album "Rolling River Blues". As with his other albums, I sure did enjoy listening to it" - Russell Hill - Russell Hill's Country Music Show on 93.7 Express FM - 8.3.15


“Wildwood – The Bluegrass Album”

Beaujangle Label DB0046 CD - 2013


Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass/mandolin, Pete Hartley-violin, Richard Collins-banjo, Maurice Hipkiss-dobro, Ricky Cool-harmonica, Harry Rowlands-bass/vocal.

An eight-page sleeve accompanies the CD.

Tracks listing:

  1. Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  2. I’m Thinkin’ Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
  3. Streamline Cannonball
  4. The Tennessee Stud
  5. Toy Heart
  6. Wabash Cannonball
  7. White Dove
  8. You Are My Sunshine
  9. Blues Stay Away From Me
  10. Nine Pound Hammer
  11. Keep On The Sunny Side
  12. Rose Of My Heart
  13. Old Salty Dog Blues
  14. Carolina Star
  15. Texas Eagle
  16. Rocky Top



"Folk Songs from a Cradley Bloke"

"Folk Songs from a Cradley Bloke" is Bev’s 2012 release on Beaujangle Label DB0042 CD - 2012

14 tracks of mainly original folk songs linked to the Cradley area of the Black Country. There are a few traditional songs plus the popular "Did You Like The Battle Sir?" co-written by John Richards and Bev back in 1972.

Musicians from Bev's regular band line-ups appear on various tracks:

Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass/mandolin/resonator guitar/banjo/keyboard /percussion, Pete Hartley-violin, Maurice Hipkiss-dobro, Harry Rowlands- bass/vocal, Ken Wright – drums/vocal.

This CD includes a 16-page insert of sleeve notes of lyrics and photographs.

Tracks listing:

  1. Did You Like The Battle Sir?
  2. The Yarn Of The Nancy Bell
  3. Hammers Are Ringing ‘Round Cradley
  4. The Three Jolly Butchers
  5. The Chainmaker’s Lullaby
  6. Duel On The Hill
  7. Get Your Chains From Cradley
  8. Wes Hardin And Bad Roy Hill
  9. The Anvil Yard
  10. Chokin’ Foundry Blues
  11. Dear Phil
  12. On Benny Brookes’ Retirement
  13. Banks’s Good Beer
  14. I’ll Fly Away.




Beaujangle Label DB0041 CD - 2012

17 tracks of mainly "country/rock" style songs, although difficult to categorise due to a bit of jazz guitar and bluegrass thrown in for good measure. Performed by Bev on vocal/guitar/bass guitar/mandolin/banjo/percussion/keyboard, together with several of his regular band pals namely Pete Hartley-violin, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar/dobro, Dutch Lewis-saxophones, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar/vocal, Ken Wright-drums/vocal. All have contributed to various tracks on this album.

The CD includes an 8-page sleeve notes and lyrics.

Tracks listing:

  1. Rendezvous
  2. That Song We Used To Call Our Own
  3. Didn’t I?
  4. A Little Bit Of Country Music
  5. Love Song
  6. Mr. Landlord Don’t Worry
  7. Apache
  8. Dear August
  9. Billy’s Dilemma
  10. Everybody’s Got To Have Friends
  11. Twelve-Month Valentine
  12. The House On The Brow Of The Hill
  13. Wildwood Flower
  14. Sweet Georgia Brown
  15. Learning The Game
  16. Wes Hardin And Bad Roy Hill
  17. Over



"Rendezvous" was reviewed in the March / April issue of "Music Maker" magazine as follows:

"Bev Pegg is a musician who can seemingly turn his hand to a myriad of styles, from country to skiffle, from rock 'n' roll to rhythm and blues. Throw in a little jazz, bluegrass and humour, offer solo and band engagements and seemingly you have an unstoppable one-man entertainment industry.

The rendezvous here is with sounds largely American and the album has an undoubted country feel but not exclusively so. I don't think Bev would claim to be the world's greatest singer (he probably doesn't claim to be Stourbridge's either) but his voice has a certain rough around the edges world-weary charm that fits the music just perfect. He's also adept across a range of different instruments but with a number of associates to hand, Rendezvous presents the sound of a band in full swing.

A good chunk of the songs are Bev's own, of which the title track is as good a road song romance as you're likely to hear east of Route 66. Covers include a version of Wildwood Flower, interestingly sung from a male perspective, while Learning The Game, a much-underrated Buddy Holly song, is delivered with all the poignancy it deserves. A couple of instrumentals add to the overall diversity on show, with a fine version of Apache displaying Bev's unerring skill at precision mimicry.
Over fifty years in the business and Bev shows no sign of tiring just yet."

Peter Stevenson - Music Maker Magazine.


"Beaujangle Recordings, West Midlands-based vocalist, guitarist and comedian Bev Pegg's own label has been releasing albums for over 40 years now, and Pegg himself has been making music for even longer. This 2012 release, an eclectic 17-track effort and the 42nd on the label, blends, if not a little loosely at times, layers of jazz, country, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll with anecdotal tales. All 17 songs on the album offer somewhat of an insight into Bev's musical tendencies and career, being the frontman of several genre-specific bands; Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang, and Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band being just two of them. "Rendezvous", "A Little Bit of Country Music" and "House On The Brow Of The Hill", three of ten self-penned songs, are all country, rocking and rolling numbers, each carrying their infectious melodies and quirkily written hooks well. There's even a few "old favourites" embedded in the album too; seven in fact from a country-fused rendition of Gerry Rafferty's "Didn't I?" to the southern-binding "Apache". A haunting interpretation of Lesley Duncan's "Love Song", with Bev's dry vocals and gentle harmonies at the helm, creates an enchanting listen, whilst the interlude blue-jazz "Sweet Georgia Brown" gets the old foot tapping.

There's a lot to get your teeth into with this package, and what's more; Bev released a further two albums since its release. The fact that he's in his 70s and still making decent music, and doing it well is utterly admirable, and it's this maturity, particularly in his voice, that gives the album its distinguished edge. If you like a slightly unpolished and quirky, but nevertheless eclectic sound then Pegg could be your man. We look forward to the next ones Bev!"

Emily Saxton
Maverick Magazine
June 2014


"Country Field"

Beaujangle Label DB0033 CD - 2011

A selection of various country style songs, many of which are original Bev Pegg compositions.


Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/mandolin/percussion /harmonica/keyboard, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar, Ken Wright-drums, Hannah McCormack-backing vocals, Matt Cox-piano, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar/dobro, Pete Hartley-violin.

The CD includes a 12-page sleeve notes and lyrics.

Tracks listing:

  1. Goin’ To The Country Dance Tonight
  2. I’m Still Rockin’
  3. A Poor Boy’s Lament
  4. Hot Rod Telecaster
  5. Sad Sweet Mary Ann
  6. I’m My Own Grandpa
  7. I’ll Be Ever By Your Side
  8. I’m Observin’ You
  9. Good Friends Together
  10. You’re In My Mind
  11. There Ain’t Nothin’ Else
  12. Stefanie
  13. Song Of The Soch
  14. Guitar Boogie
  15. Still Got That Broken Heart
  16. Old Jack’s Band
  17. I Just Want Things To Be Like Before
  18. Quick Off The Mark
  19. Yearning (Just For You)



"Country Field" was reviewed and given a 5-star rating by "Maverick Magazine" in their October 2011 issue: "If you've not heard of Bev before, you're in for a treat. Based in the UK's Black Country, Bev Pegg is able to perform a wide variety of styles ranging from jazz and skiffle to rock 'n' roll. Supported by his superb band, together they turn their hands to country and excel with each and every one of these nineteen tunes, fifteen of which were penned by Bev.

With so many fine examples to choose from, it is difficult to find the best track, but if this had to be done it would be Good Friends Together. Just like its title suggests, this is one to sing along to with a couple of pals with the introduction of the harmonica adding further quality to this tune. Bev and his band are also more than capable of releasing tracks that can get couples on the dance floor whilst gazing wistfully into each other's eyes. A Poor Boy's Lament is simply brilliant especially when the quality of the fiddle allows for a bona-fide great song to feature on this genuinely excellent album. Country rockabilly tracks are also scattered around the record, which includes Hot Rod Telecaster. The guitar skills demonstrated by Bev on this instrumental are quite awesome and acts as a benchmark for how a guitar can sound if played skilfully. Bev is a prolific songwriter and performer. It would be quite incredible to see this material being performed in the flesh. That would be a sight many wouldn't forget in a hurry." - Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine and Express FM Radio Presenter.


"Come Along Boys And Listen To My Tale" Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band

Beaujangle Label DB0023 CD - 2009

Bev Pegg plus musicians from his Cowboy Band play a collection of popular country classics."


Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/mandolin/banjo, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar/dobro/violin, Pete Hartley-violin, Pete Boddis-mandolin/backing vocals, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar/backing vocals, Ken Wright-drums.

The CD includes an 8-page sleeve notes.


  1. San Antonio Rose
  2. Anytime
  3. Truck Driving Man
  4. Uncle Pen
  5. You Win Again
  6. No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
  7. City Of New Orleans
  8. Orange Blossom Special
  9. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  10. Singin’ The Blues
  11. Mountain Dew
  12. How Come My Dog Don’t Bark?
  13. Alabama Jubilee
  14. Cripple Creek
  15. Route 66
  16. The Old Chisholm Trail.



Come Along Boys An' Listen To My Tale" was reviewed in the January 2010 issue of "Maverick" magazine as follows:

"Harking back to the great days of country music by including some fine covers with many surpassing the originals.
A West Midlands native but sings as though he's actually from Texas or Nashville, Bev Pegg is something special. Bev's six-man band was only formed in 2008 but what a sound they have been able to create in such a short space of time. The album containing covers of some of the truly great songs in country music, their attempts certainly are commendable and certainly worth a dance or two with a loved one.

Mountain Dew has to be the finest of the sixteen tracks. With a quality opening beat that seems to run through the tune's duration, I'm sure that this has been played to energetic efforts by both band and crowd in countless large and small venues due to how good it is. The traditional Cripple Creek has an authentic sound about it which I'm sure die-hard fans of this great style of music would appreciate and probably include it in their list of top renditions as, just like Mountain Dew is just so outrageously good.

Even Hank Williams You Win Again is included on the album and a version which I'm sure ol' Hank wouldn't object to hearing. With some mighty sweet pedal steel playing and vocals that certainly give credit to Hank, this song has the ability to transport you to one of Nashville's honky tonks due to its authentic sound. Only the most talented need apply when attempting to play Orange Blossom Special, and in the example of this band they can certainly count themselves in this musical camp. The highest of plaudits must go to the violinist Pete Hartley, as his playing is just marvellous. A faster version than many, this merely adds to the frenetic quality laid down by its creator Ervin T. Rouse who I'm sure feels very proud that his tune is still being played at this level over seventy years since composing it.

A lengthy album it may be due to it consisting of sixteen tracks, this extensive playtime is by no means a negative aspect as each and every song finds themselves ending up just as good as each other. An awesome album to say the least performed by a band who are simply outstanding." - R.H. - "Maverick" magazine - January 2010.


"All Sorts Of Stuff"

Beaujangle Label DB0022/2 CD – 2013

A wide variety of music styles frequently performed by Bev either as a solo act or with his band, including 6 self-penned songs of Bev's. This CD was originally released in April 2008; however, Bev was never totally happy with the mix, consequently the whole album has been re-recorded and re-released in July 2013.

The CD includes an 8-page sleeve notes.

Tracks Listing:

  1. The Promised Land
  2. God Help Me
  3. It Don't Bother Me That Much
  4. Swing 42
  5. Biding My Time In Worcestershire
  6. It's So Easy
  7. Wasn't Born To Follow
  8. Walk On By
  9. You Never Can Tell
  10. Just Be Friends
  11. Dancing Girl
  12. The Cradley Heath Song
  13. Lady, Oh Lady
  14. You Tell Me Your Dreams
  15. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  16. Diana
  17. Angelina Don't Go Out Tonight
  18. Lucille
  19. Take Me Home Country Roads
  20. Guitar Man.



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass/mandolin/banjo/keyboard/ harmonica/percussion, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar, Dutch Lewis-saxophones, Ken Freeman-piano, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar/vocals, Ken Wright-drums, Kate Pegg-backing vocal.


The original version of "All Sort Of Stuff" was reviewed in the March 2011 edition of "Maverick" magazine as follows:

"Versatile Bev gives it all he's got. Based in the West Midlands in the UK, Bev not only concentrates his extraordinary talent just on one genre but several. Country has been covered in many of his previous records and here Bev is found in a rock and roll mood which, defines his ability to make his audience shake a tail feather.

The album contains an astonishing twenty-one songs and all are absolute crackers. Walk On By is always a crowd favourite and I can see this going down an absolute storm in his frequent gigs. Also, highly enjoyable and creditable is Buddy Holly's It's So Easy. A bona fide classic, it is covered extremely well here with Bev's lead guitar so impressive that you can see this track influencing up-and-coming musicians.
Bev Pegg is an artist I highly recommend to anybody who likes their music performed by someone who is obviously skilful in doing so - I hope to catch him live in the not-too-distant future." - Russell Hill - "Maverick" magazine - March issue 2011.


"All Aboard"
Bev Pegg and his Railroad Skiffle Group

Beaujangle Label DB0017 CD - 2007

Authentic USA skiffle / folk / blues songs dating right back to the 1850s.

The CD includes a 12-page sleeve notes.


  1. Midnight Special
  2. How Can You Keep On Movin'
  3. I'm Alabama Bound
  4. Greenback Dollar
  5. In The Pines
  6. I Shall Not Be Moved
  7. How Long Blues
  8. Bring A Little Water Sylvie
  9. Hard Times, Come Again No More
  10. I'm Troubled
  11. Lost John
  12. Freight Train
  13. Down By The Riverside
  14. See See Rider
  15. The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along
  16. I Wanna Go Home
  17. My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/mandolin/banjo, Paul Degville-guitar, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar/vocal, Ken Wright-drums/vocal, Pete Hartley-violin, Big Jim Merris-harmonica.


This album was reviewed in "The Musician" magazine, Autumn 2007:

"Eighteen wonderful cuts of skiffle, jug band and rent party music from Bev and his three-man group, who are supported by violinist Pete Hartley and the blues harp of Big Jim Merris. From Midnight Special to My Old Kentucky Home Goodnight, this compilation is simply marvellous and a reminder of why skiffle was so influential in the 1950s. More!"

Keith Ames - "The Musician"


"Mrs. Rosalind Campbell-Smythe Cordially Invites You To Her Party."
Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang

Beaujangle Label DB0015 CD - 2004

1920s & 30s Classic Jazz Influence.

The CD includes an 8-page informative sleeve notes.


  1. The Darktown Strutter's Ball
  2. Lazy River
  3. Louisiana
  4. Someday Sweetheart
  5. Mississippi Mud
  6. It Had To Be You
  7. Miss Annabelle Lee
  8. Please
  9. Keep Young And Beautiful
  10. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
  11. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
  12. You Took Advantage Of Me
  13. When It's Sleepy Time Down South
  14. Dinah



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/banjo, John Burnett-trumpet, Norman Field-clarinet/saxophone/whistle, Derek Halford-trombone, Roger Heeley-piano, Len Thwaites-double bass, Ken Wright-drums.


Music Maker Magazine Review of " Miss Rosalind Campbell-Smythe Cordially Invites You To Her Party" Album:

"Banjo, vocal introduction to "The Darktown Strutter's Ball" an old jazz favourite that my dad, Alan Breeze used to sing with the Billy Cotton Band show. This set is firmly rooted in the '20s jazz era which was reflected later in the '50s by BBC Light Programme, where I spent much of my childhood watching my dad record Radio and TV shows. "Lazy River" is a classic Hoagy Carmichael song that the wonderful Bobby Darin had such a big hit with. Very relaxed presentation of the song, which leads into "Louisiana", followed by "Someday Sweetheart" with a clear piano introduction and Bev Pegg's easy style of delivery in his vocal presentation. These are sentiments and lyrics from a different era that we have sadly exchanged in modern times for far less coherent offerings. There are a host of other songs and tunes from an earlier age including Walter Donaldson's and Gus Kahn's "Yes Sir, That's My Baby", a track that I'm sure BBC Radio stalwart Desmond Carrington would add to his playlist. Paul Whiteman's Orchestra were the first to record "Mississippi Mud" in the '20s and ironically enough I have a copy of that band's original wage sheet from the period, which I will feature in a later article. It will be somewhat of an eye opener regarding fees that they were paid. Bev and the band cover the evergreen Rogers and Hart's "You Took Advantage Of Me" in a mid-swing tempo and then play ably through the penultimate track "Sleepy Time Down South". "Dinah" is the final offering on this 14 track CD and heralds the end of a very enjoyable set that takes one back to earlier times and very fond memories. It’s strange reviewing this CD at this time, as I am writing a book on my father Alan Breeze and his life with Bill Cotton's Band and our family. Granada TV are supposed to be making a film about the Cottons (father and son) later this year and I am informed that one of the UKs best actors Timothy Spall (Auf Weidersein Pet, Stir Crazy, Sweeny Todd) will be playing my father. As a conclusion I have to congratulate all the musicians involved who are, Bev Pegg (vocals and guitar), John Burnett (trumpet), Norman Field (clarinet and saxophone), Roger Heeley (piano), Len Thwaites (double bass), Ken Wright (drums) and Derek Halford (trombone). All of these musicians are highly rated in the profession for their individual abilities and are equally at home using their talents in a group formation. The sessions were recorded at Beaujangle Studios in Worcestershire with both musical arrangements and production by Bev Pegg. - Michele Breeze - Music Maker Magazine. March/April 2009


“Seascape Cottage”

“Seascape Cottage” is Bev’s 2003 release on Beaujangle Label DB0013 CD – 2003

Original songs with Country / Bluegrass influence.

The CD includes a 4-page sleeve notes.


  1. Seascape Cottage
  2. Fifties America
  3. Jonesy In Trouble
  4. Summer In Grafton Street
  5. I Ain't Sure
  6. Halesowen '57
  7. Strictly Business
  8. Oh Annie
  9. The Wednesday Singles Night Dance
  10. Nearly As Good
  11. Girl On A Boat
  12. Mother Of The Bride
  13. Still Water
  14. On The River At Henley
  15. Broad Street Blues
  16. Gran'pa's Truck
  17. Come And See Us Again
  18. Finally Settled Down
  19. Sweet Farewell



All vocals and instrumental work by Bev Pegg.


Music Maker Magazine Review of "Seascape Cottage" Album. March / April 2009:

"Whilst Bev's name is vaguely familiar, I can't ever recall receiving one of his albums - and what a treat I've missed until now. The casual listener might be forgiven for thinking that many of these songs are previously un-released Ramblin' Jack Elliott tracks - but they are all Pegg originals, with the single exception of "Sweet Farewell" which he adapted from John Grigg's original. Bev is a man of many talents and able to sing with a convincing American talking-blues or bluegrass "twang", but then reverting to his native Midlands accent for folksy items like "Strictly Business" and "Halesowen '57". Pegg is a very able acoustic guitarist, gifted songwriter, comedian and all-round musical entertainer and his wry sense of humour surfaces from time to time, making this 19-track album a thoroughly entertaining experience. I loved his take on Ramblin' Jack with the engaging title track and was convinced of a genuine American pedigree; how wrong I was. Pegg is simply extremely adept at switching dialects and I'd love to hear him in a live situation. It's never easy to create a full collection of nineteen songs using just a solo acoustic for accompaniment but Pegg pulls it off superbly. A subtle bass does creep in on occasions but this is primarily one man and his guitar singing and picking his socks off. I adored his tongue-in-cheek "Nearly As Good" with its references to Howard Keel, Johnny Cash, Roger Daltrey, Rick Nelson and Frank Sinatra. Clever stuff. Another favourite of mine is "Girl On A Boat" and Bev's picking is superb - but it gets better on "Gran'pa's Truck". This is pure nostalgia for an old American pick-up truck and his lyrical pace and delivery reminded me somewhat of the late Jerry Reed. A final bonus point for me is the inner sleeve colour shot of the splendid 1951 Cadillac. Highly recommended for many reasons. Bryan Chalker Music Maker Magazine. March/April 2009

Maverick Magazine review of "Seascape Cottage" February 2011:

Those who have yet to discover Bev for themselves are in for a treat. Hailing from the UK's Black Country and having released countless numbers of records that cover country, pop, jazz and skiffle, the multi-talented Bev Pegg is an artist who seems to have everything going for him. With the exception of one, all of the songs on this album were written by Bev himself and each demonstrate an artist at ease with himself and the talent which he has. The result is a cracking album that covers several styles from folk to country. "Come And See Us Again" sees Bev demonstrating his vocals extremely well and the picking ability he possesses is something to simply stand and marvel at. This sublime quality is also found on "I Ain’t Sure". With a catchy chorus to it, this tune's tongue-in-cheek sound should make the listener raise a smile on more than one occasion as well as wanting to sing along. Having performed alongside Robert Plant on many occasions, the respect which Bev has gained from this other legendary figure and many other established figures shows that Bev is no flash in the pan, and has musical longevity that the participants in any reality show should be envious of. - Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine - February 2011.


“String Jazz” 1920s & 30s jazz in acoustic style

Beaujangle Label DB0012 CD - 2002

The CD includes a 4-page sleeve notes.


  1. That's My Weakness Now
  2. Just One More Chance
  3. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
  4. Mill Street Rag
  5. Mean To Me
  6. I'm Going To Give It To Mary With Love
  7. Tea For Two
  8. Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out
  9. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  10. Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll
  11. Woodchester Rag
  12. I Would Do Anything For You
  13. Trouble In Mind
  14. Singin' In The Rain
  15. All The Things You Are
  16. Shine
  17. Frankie And Johnny
  18. Twenty Four Robbers



Bev Pegg-guitar/vocal, Steve Bennett-rhythm guitar, Mike Homer-bass.


“Take Your Fingers Off It”
Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang

PEK Label PKC-077 CD - 2004

1910s, 20s & 30s classic jazz standards.

The CD includes a 4-page sleeve notes.


  1. Take Your Fingers Off It
  2. I'm Confessin'
  3. After You've Gone
  4. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home?
  5. Sweet Georgia Brown
  6. Send Me To The Electric Chair
  7. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  8. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
  9. San Francisco Bay Blues
  10. Sweet Lorraine
  11. Doctor Jazz
  12. Everybody Loves My Baby



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar, Gordon Whitworth-trumpet, Rick Vaughan-clarinet, Derek Halford-trombone, Zoltan Sagi-tenor saxophone, Ken Freeman-piano, Len Thwaites-double bass, Tony Caldicott-drums


The "Jazz Rag" review of this album published in January 1998:

Yes, sixty minutes of instant sunshine! Bev Pegg, that irrepressible enthusiast for, performer and supporter of all that lovely music which bears no specific date, just simply gets on with it, respects the classic roots of the idiom and, as I’ve just hinted, gets well and truly involved with the essentials and traditions.

The octet which Bev has assembled for this session has been knowledgeably recruited from that impressive coterie of Midlands mainstreamers which has, over a period of some years, performed with dedication and instrumental brilliance on what I perceive as the “jam session scene”. Therefore, it seems desirable to identify the protagonists by name… so here goes! Gordon Whitworth (trumpet), Rick Vaughan (clarinet), Derek Halford (trombone), Zoltan Sagi (tenor sax), Ken Freeman (piano), Bev Pegg (guitar and vocals), Len Thwaites (double bass) and Tony Caldicott (drums). And what is quite revealing about the standards of musicianship displayed, the whole 12-item collection was recorded on one day, the 3rd of May this year, in just four-and-a-half hours of concentrated jamming. “Good Time Jazz” really says it all – happy sounding, confident, entirely professional music-making. I just love the melodious sound and controlled fury this splendid 8-piece generates; Gordon’s incisive and decisive leads, agile solos; Rick’s fluid and fluent clarinet; Derek’s majestic trombone; Zoltan’s exquisitely lyrical tenor sax; Ken’s dynamic, percussive piano; leader Bev’s fine guitar, both rhythm and solo, plus his relaxed and joyful vocals well featured; then Len’s accurate propulsive bass and, finally, Tony’s ever-swinging and tasteful drumming.
This outstanding hour of light-hearted, polished jazz is well worthy of investment, sure is!

Well done, gentlemen – well done indeed!
Ken Rattenbury - "The Jazz Rag"

"In 1997 Bev Pegg plucked seven top-notch musicians from the rich vein residing in the Midlands to join him, initially for a one-off recording session. In just under 5 hours this pick-up band, albeit carefully selected, had recorded 12 tracks on "Take Your Fingers Off It", liked what they'd achieved and decided to form a permanent band - the birth of the Good Time Jazz Gang.

It goes almost without saying that the ensemble playing produced by these fine musicians, who obviously enjoyed themselves and had a good time, is impeccable on each and every track.
Each member also contributes great solos throughout this swinging session and leader Bev Pegg treats the listener to both his wonderful guitar playing and inimitable vocals.
If you haven't got "Take Your Fingers Off It" in your collection, it's worth the effort to get one."

George Giles – 2004


"The Foundry Ditty & The Industrial Air"

Beaujangle Label DB0008 CD - 1980

Original Industrial Folk Songs – LP deleted but some stock available. Now re-released on CD.

The CD includes a 4-page sleeve notes.


  1. The Ironmaster's Prayer
  2. The Incomparable Foundry Air
  3. A Cradley Jack Of All Trades
  4. A Precarious Trade
  5. Oh For An Alvis Limousine
  6. The Vanishing Trick
  7. When We Went To Clent
  8. A Four Pound Rise
  9. Humphrey Hardfeature's Description Of Cast Iron Inventions
  10. Tittlebally Bonk
  11. Cradley Boys And Worcester Girls
  12. Halesowen '57



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/mandolin/banjo/dobro/ bazooki/harmonium/drums, Pete Burkes-drums, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar, Vicki & Kate Pegg – backing vocals on When We Went to Clent.

Other albums on the Beaujangle & associated labels that have either limited stock, or are obsolete are as follows:


"Let's Pass An Hour Away"

Beaujangle Label DB0011 – 1993

Bev Pegg - Original songs - Pop/Folk etc. Originally on cassette. CD version available currently

An 8-page sleeve notes & lyrics are included with this CD.


  1. Let's Pass An Hour Away
  2. Biding My Time In Worcestershire
  3. Angelina, Don't Go Out Tonight
  4. Lady Lucy
  5. A Smile For Yesterday
  6. Tea At The Ritz
  7. Did You Like The Battle Sir?
  8. A Well Bred Man
  9. When The Magic Has Gone
  10. Donald McLintock's Guitar
  11. Pals
  12. For You My Love A Red Rose
  13. Princess Of The Night Time
  14. Survivors
  15. Thanks For The Good Times



All vocal & instrumental work by Bev Pegg.


"Nostalgia Is A Thing Of The Past" - Bev Pegg and his Goin' Nowhere Band

Beaujangle Label DB0007 – 1978

Original songs - Folk / Country Rock etc. Original LP out of stock, but currently available on CD.

A 4-page sleeve notes plus a 12-page booklet is included with this CD


(Side 1)

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Teddy Boy
  2. We Ain't Goin Nowhere
  3. Sad Sweet Mary Ann
  4. Dancing Girl
  5. Nostalgia Is A Thing Of The Past
  6. Song Of The Soch

(Side 2)

  1. "The Royal Show" - Hail Fellow
  2. How Dare A Maiden Treat Me So
  3. You Don't Know What You're Missing
  4. So, I'll Get My Mates
  5. Awake Ye All
  6. The Royal Show
  7. It Rained For An Hour
  8. No Longer There
  9. Hail Fellow (Finale)



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/mandolin, Dave Pountney-piano/glockenspiel/harmonium, John Richards-guitar/vocal, Paul Mackreath-drums/vocal, Gary Tolley-guitar/vocal/narration, Maurice Turner-tenor saxophone, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar, Kate Binnion-vocal, Annie Norris-vocal, Vicki Pegg-Katie Pegg-Katherine Johnson & Victoria Johnson-children’s voices.


"Away From The Sand" - Bev Pegg & Friends

Beaujangle Label DB0006 – 1975

Bev Pegg & Friends including John Richards, Duncan Swift, Dave Cartwright etc. - Original songs - Pop. Originally on LP, but currently available on CD.

A 4-page sleeve insert is included.


  1. Away From The Sand
  2. Hathaway Green
  3. Camera Boy
  4. Mr. Big Time
  5. The Man With The Mask
  6. Mr. Moonlight, Help Me On My Way
  7. Trampoline Girl
  8. Dandy
  9. Hired Assassin
  10. Afternoon Tea
  11. Hay Fever



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/mandolin/tambourine/harmonica/bass harmonica/organ/drums, John Richards-guitar/vocal/harmonica, Dave Cartwright-guitar/Duncan Swift-piano, Norman Nankervis-violin, Linda Thompson-violin, Ken Wright-drums/vocal, Paul Mackreath-drums/vocal, Paul Davenport-electric piano, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar, Derek Thomas-guitar, Gary Tolley-guitar/vocal, Ray Shakeshaft-organ, Dave Pountney-organ, Harry Rowlands-organ, Kate Binnion-backing vocal, Linda Evans-backing vocal, Rosemary Todd-backing vocal, Annie Norris-backing vocal.


"Clifford T Ward – The Kinver Sessions 1968 – 1972"

Beaujangle Label DB0027

Clifford T Ward – The Kinver Sessions 1968 – 1972 CD

A highly collectable CD featuring Clifford T Ward tracks that had not previously seen the light of day until it was released in 2009! This CD contains material recorded at Bev’s small studio in Kinver between 1968 and 1972. This was at a time when Clifford T Ward was attempting to get his big break which eventually came in 1973 when he got to number 6 in the UK Charts with "Gaye", and number 1 in other parts of the world.

The quality of these recordings is not up to the standard of professional studios, due to modest equipment being used to record on, together with a "stick it down, don't bother about a bit of hiss" approach of Bev, not realising at the time how important these recordings would become over the years.


  1. Lady With A Book In Her Hand
  2. Buy Me
  3. Cartagena
  4. Western Europe
  5. Wishin' An' Hopin'
  6. The Good From The Bad
  7. I've Got The Time
  8. Carrie
  9. Coathanger
  10. What Else Can I Do
  11. Come To Me
  12. Daylight Lady
  13. I'm Gonna Tell You
  14. Takin' Some Time Out
  15. Southbound State Express
  16. Circus Girl
  17. Get Off Your High Horse
  18. God Help Me
  19. Sam
  20. Anticipation
  21. The Session Singer
  22. My Babe
  23. Do You Wanna Dance?
  24. Heartbreak Hotel


The tracks are in date order. The early ones first. With the exception of four tracks, all are Clifford T Ward originals. The last three tracks are hilarious snippets of Cliff fooling around in the studio. There is a high-quality sleeve with comprehensive notes outlining the history and players on each track, plus highly interesting photographs of that era and musicians involved. The CD Sleeve is an 8-page pull-out booklet including the front and rear cover. The front cover shows the Kinver road leading to the studio, and the titles on the rear cover show the studio and house in the background where these recordings were made.

This CD has got to be a "must have" for all Clifford T Ward enthusiasts.


Bev Pegg and Friends - "Kinver Studio Recordings 1968-69"

Beaujangle Label DB0036 – 1969.


  1. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
  2. You Can’t Do That
  3. The Mighty Quinn
  4. To Love Somebody
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love
  6. Just Ask Your Heart
  7. Do I Still Figure In Your Life?
  8. We Can Work It Out.



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/drums, Dave Cartwright-vocal/guitar, Ken Wright-drums/vocal, Terry Clarke-bass guitar/vocal, Paul Turner-bass guitar, Pete Burkes-drums, Di Spain-backing vocal, Angela Turner-backing vocal.


"Front Room Jazz"

Beaujangle Label DB0004 – 1968

Bev Pegg & guest musicians in Hot Club of France Mode.


  1. Sweet Georgia Brown
  2. Out Of Nowhere
  3. Sweet Lorraine
  4. Rosetta
  5. Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
  6. Lady Be Good
  7. Running Wild
  8. Wildcat Blues
  9. Avalon
  10. Rose Room
  11. Emaline
  12. Nobody's Sweetheart



Bev Pegg-guitar/bass, Norman Nankervis-violin, Joe Lees-clarinet, Rick Vaughan-clarinet.


"Ken Rattenbury and his Band plus Bill Rank (ex - Paul Whiteman / Bix Beiderbecke trombonist)"

Beaujangle Label DB0003 - 1968

1920s – 1930s Classic Jazz


  1. Bill Rank warming up
  2. Shine
  3. At The Jazz Band Ball
  4. How High The Moon
  5. Margie
  6. Apex Blues
  7. Dinah
  8. China Boy
  9. I Got Rhythm
  10. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
  11. Jazz Me Blues



Ken Rattenbury-trumpet/piano, Bill Rank-trombone / Derek Halford-trombone, Joe Lees-clarinet/tenor saxophone, Harry Hadley-double bass, Bev Pegg-guitar, Stan Tinkler-piano, Les Handley-drums.


"Village Music by Brindley Brae"

Beaujangle Label DB0002 – 1973

Bev Pegg, John Richards & Friends - Folk / Pop. Originally on LP.

Available on CD which contains an 8-page sleeve notes


  1. Dandy
  2. Tom Harrison's Bird
  3. Goodnight Song
  4. Mr. Bounty Hunter
  5. June
  6. Did You Like The Battle Sir?
  7. Turned Down Blues
  8. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  9. Come Along
  10. The Hen's March-Spanish Lady



Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar/bass guitar/harmonica, John Richards-vocal/guitar/banjo, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar/vocal, Paul Davenport-electric piano/organ, Mike Tinsley-mandolin/vocal/guitar/whistle, Mike Elms-backing vocal, Judy Elms-backing vocal, Alan Reynolds-guitar, Norman Nankervis-violin, Kate Mulraney-vocal, Joe Fellows-bongos/vocal, John Rose-violin.

"Middle Of The Road" featuring Dave Cartwright & Friends.

Beaujangle Label DB0001 - 1971

Original songs – Folk / Pop Originally on LP.

Available on CD which contains a 4-pages sleeve notes


  1. Middle Of The Road
  2. Sweet Angeline
  3. When Summer Comes To Susan
  4. Friends and Fools
  5. Weekend
  6. Miss Never Know How You Feel
  7. Maggie My Dear
  8. Nottingham Town
  9. Song To Joanie
  10. Peaceful Mind
  11. Come Along Girl
  12. I Can Move So Sad



Dave Cartwright-vocal/guitar, Bev Pegg-guitar/bass guitar/backing vocals, Paul Davenport-electric piano/backing vocals, Ken Wright-drums/backing vocals, Paul Mackreath-drums, Pete Burkes-drums/backing vocals, Terry Clarke-backing vocals, Kate Mulraney-backing vocals, Annie Norris-backing vocals, Jan Lawson-backing vocals.

At last, a CD version of this much sought after LP. This is the initial album recorded by Dave Cartwright at Bev's small studio in Kinver of which 99 albums were released in 1970 (above 99 and you had to pay purchase tax back in those days). Following on from this album, Dave Cartwright was signed to the Transatlantic Label which resulted in four excellent album releases. The serial number DB0001 indicates that this was the first ever release from the Beaujangle Studio.