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The 9th Annual Summer Rock 'n' Roll Night - Saturday 18th August 2018
The 9th Annual Summer Rock n Roll Night hosted by Ken Cowdry (this was definitely Ken's last promotion, following his previous "farewell" one at Cookley in January 2018) took place at Blakedown Parish Rooms, near Kidderminster on Saturday 18th August 2018. As usual, Bevs Rock n Roll Band performed their late 50s / early 60s rock 'n' roll selection. Tickets were sold out two weeks before the event and it proved to be a very nostalgic evening with Ken saying his farewell to the folks, plus a lovely "thank you" to Ken from Val Chambers during the evening. Over the years, Ken's promotions with Bev's Band have raised over 6,000.00 for various charities, with Age Concern, Stourbridge being the main recipient. This is as a result of our late great friend and band member Harry Rowlands doing a tremendous amount of voluntary work for Age Concern following his retirement from business. Incidentally, there are also some excellent videos of a previous years gig on You Tube taken by Syd & Beryl Pearman should you wish to take a look. ///

The 20th Annual Hagley Charity Jazz Gig! - Saturday 17.3.18

This annual fund raising event took place at Hagley Community Centre, near Stourbridge on Saturday 17th March 2018. The usual full house were as enthusiastic as always. This year's main charities were Care for Carers, The Mental Health Foundation, Congenital Heart Disease Research, plus other Rotary Charities. This annual event was organised as usual by The Rotary Club of Stourbridge. The funds raised over past years from these events at Hagley have now exceeded 27,700.00 of which The Rotary Club of Stourbridge have raised 23,000.00. The band is comprised of a selection of some of the most popular jazz stars in the Midlands, namely, Tony Pipkin - trumpet, Zoltan Sagi - clarinet / tenor sax, Martin Veasey - trombone, Roger Heeley - piano, Jim Sutton - double bass, Nick Ward - drums, and Bev Pegg - vocal / guitar / banjo, playing their wide variety of popular classic jazz incorporating lots of laughs as usual. There are many videos of the band on You Tube, plus several from the Hagley gigs. Some of the Hagley gig videos were non-professional type taken from the side of the hall. Not great videos, but gives a good feel of the atmosphere of the events. Tickets were 15.00 each which included the usual fish and chip supper.

The Final Ken Cowdry organised Rock 'n' Roll Dance Night at Cookley Village Hall & Sports Club - Saturday 20th January 2018

Saturday 20th January 2018 at Cookley Village Hall and Sports Centre, Cookley, Kidderminster DY10 3RH was officially organiser Ken Cowdrys final promotion of our Rock n Roll dance gigs in the locality, however Ken decided to make the Blakedown August 18th gig the final one. Ken, who is a great Rock n Roll enthusiast, has been running these gigs for Bevs band every year since 2006. From 2010 he has been running two per year, one in January, and the other in August at mainly Stourbridge Tennis Club and Blakedown Parish Rooms respectively. This takes a lot of work with regard to mailing lists, distributing tickets, sorting the tables and chairs on the night, being on the door etc. Like most of the band, Ken is in his late 70s and things dont get easier as the years go by. All of the previous dances that Ken has organised with our band have been sold out before the date. This one followed that pattern with a full house including several folks attending for the first time. ///

The Annual Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Bev Pegg Rock n Roll Night Saturday 21.1.17

The Annual Stourbridge Rock n Roll Night took place at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club on January 21st 2017. As usual tickets were sold out before the event.  Bevs Rock n Roll Band performed their usual "bop 'til you drop" non-stop dance stuff for the crowd. Promoter Ken Cowdry has been organising these successful rock n roll events for several years now. Stourbridge Age Concern is the chosen charity to receive the profits from this gig. Details about these gigs can be obtained from Ken Cowdry on telephone number 01384 392590.

There is a bit of history about these Stourbridge Tennis Club Rock n Roll Nights. The club opened in April 1969. During 1971, Bev, who has played tennis, squash and racketball there from 1969, organised various evenings on an annual basis such as comedy cabaret nights, folk nights.including Jasper Carrott who entertained for a 40.00 fee back in August 1974 alongside Bev! In 1978, the club was holding a function with Bev putting on a comedy mime cabaret spot in the middle. A band was booked by the social committee to play for dancing afterwards, but with a week to go before the event, the band had to pull out of the gig. Bev was asked if he could assemble a four-piece band to plug the gap. He got Pete Burkes on drums / vocal, Adrian Fendick on piano / vocal (both from his Rhythmaires days in the late 1950s) plus Gary Tipton (elder brother of Glen Tipton of Judas Priest) on bass guitar, and with Bev playing guitar and taking most of the vocals, his band played its first gig under his name. Following this 1978 gig, such was the demand; they performed two gigs per year at the club for quite a while.  Since those early days there has been at least one rock n roll gig per year at the Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club. From 2001, Ken Cowdrys love of rock n roll and organisational attributes resulted in him promoting these annual events with great success. At a guess Bev reckons that the 2016 gig will be about the 44th of these nights. There are a few videos on You Tube from a some of these Stourbridge gigs, plus others from their similar gig at Blakedown during August 2014.  ///

Bev Pegg & his Cowboy Band at Hagley - Saturday 17.5.14

This was the seventh Country & Western Charity Gig held at Hagley Community Centre on Saturday 17th May 2014 featuring Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band.  Bev's band played their usual selection of a wide variety of popular country music songs together with lots of laughs for the crowd. The proceeds for this years event amounting to 650.00 were donated to Age Concern - Stourbridge. There are several video's of Bev's Cowboy Band playing live on You Tube. If anyone wants to have a quick look, just go into You Tube, type in Bev Pegg, and they should be amongst a batch of videos to choose from. Some of the older ones are not exactly MGM quality, however the videos produced from this May 17th event taken by Syd & Beryl Pearman are excellent and capture the happy atmosphere. The event sold out out three weeks before the night as is usually the case and a good night was had by all. ///

Harry Rowlands.

Tuesday 12th November 2013 was a very sad day. Harry Rowlands, a dear friend of Bev's died. Harry and Bev played in various bands alongside each other since 1958. He was an excellent bass guitar player and a very successful businessman in his working life. He was a lovely man and thought highly of by all who knew him.  As a small consolation, people can still get on to You Tube and watch Harry singing "Running Bear" at Clent Parish Hall in 2010 to an enthusiastic and cheering crowd.
Harry's funeral was held on Friday 29th November 2013 at Stourbridge Crematorium. He will be greatly missed. ///

New Book: Robert Plant. A Life. The Authorised Biography by Paul Rees.

This excellent book is the first complete and comprehensive telling of Robert Plant's story, from his earliest performances in folk / blues clubs to the world's biggest stages with Led Zeppelin, then on to his emergence as a solo star.
There is a brief reference on page 134 of Bev's first meeting with Robert. There are picture credits for Bev, one of Stourbridge High Street in the 1950s, one of Robert with Najma Akthar together with Bev's wife Sheena at the wedding of Bev's cousin and also Robert's schoolmate, Rob Brinton. On the following page is a photograph of Robert singing with Bev's Rock 'n' Roll Band at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in January 2004. There is another of Bev' photo's shown that he took of Robert with the King of Black Country Comedy, Tommy Mundon at Robert's 60th Birthday Party. ///

Bev's 2013 Bluegrass Album "Wildwood" spotlighted on Russell Hill's Country Music Show.
Two tracks from this new album were featured by Russell Hill on his 93.7 Express FM Country Music show on Sunday 10th March 2013. "Wabash Cannonball" and "Keep On The Sunny Side" were featured for the "Old Time Duo" slot. ///

Bev's latest CD "Rendezvous" on Express FM. 19.8.12

Bev's latest CD "Rendezvous" was chosen as the showcase album on Express FM's Country Music Show hosted by Russell Hill on Sunday 19th August 2012. It was described as "absolutely marvellous" by the DJ and three tracks were broadcast during the programme which were: "A Little Bit Of Country Music and a Little Bit of Rock 'n' Roll", "Apache" and "Sweet Georgia Brown". ///

You Tube Videos:

There are currently over 200 various videos on You Tube of Bev and his various bands in live action at various gigs. There are also several songs such as "The Cradley Heath Song", "The Clent Song", "Song of the Soch", "Halesowen '57" and "Strictly Business" comprising of a soundtrack and many nostalgic pictures relating to each song. Also, there are a couple of "snippets" of Bev jamming at The "Didmarton Bluegrass Highlights 2010" video. There are also videos of Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang playing in the Sid Pearman video of the Upton Jazz Festival, and also Bev's Railroad Skiffle Group playing amongst other bands on his Bromyard Music Festival video. ///

High Prices paid for Bev's Rare LPs 

During the 1970s, Bev produced several LP records, all recorded in his small studio at Kinver, Staffordshire. The number of pressings varied between 50 and 99. As a result, these albums have become very valuable to dedicated record collectors.

As an example, the first release in 1970 of DB0001, "In The Middle Of The Road" by Dave Cartwright and Friends has recently been sold from one record collector to another for 200.00. At 11th February 2013, there is a copy of this LP advertised for sale on eBay at 550.00.  Also the 1978 DB0007 album "Nostalgia Is A Thing Of The Past" by Bev Pegg and his Goin' Nowhere Band, and also Bev's "Away From The Sand" LPs are listed for sale on eBay at 8th February at 200.00 each! As a contrast, one of Bev's buddies, picked up a copy of the "Middle Of The Road" LP during early November 2010 in a charity shop in Stourbridge for about 1.00!  Check out the current values in the "Rare Record Price Guide" annual book. ///

Bev and his Cowboy Band on UK Country Radio - 2.10.09

Tracks from Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band's latest CD "Come Along Boys An' Listen To My Tale", will be played every hour from weekend Friday 2nd October until 8pm on Sunday 4th October 2009. Presenter Allan Watkiss has chosen Bev to be UK Country Radio.com's "Spotlight UK Artist" for that weekend. Bev is also being interviewed on the station to talk about the background of this highly popular album that has proved popular with UK country fans. Every weekday from 6.00pm, presenter Allan Watkiss plays a mix of the best UK Country Music alongside the big names from America. There's news of latest releases from UK artistes plus news of forthcoming country music concerts and events plus the hourly gig guide. Check this great radio station's website at www.UKCountryRadio.com

Severnside Jazz Club Reunion Night. at Stourport Boat Club - 6.6.09

During the spring of 1961 the Severnside Jazz Club opened at the premises of Stourport Boat Club, Worcestershire. The newly formed resident band was "The Blue Blood Jazzmen" comprising of Frank Rodgers-trumpet, Rick Vaughan-clarinet, Duncan Swift-trombone (there was no piano in the upstairs room of the club), Bev Pegg-guitar / banjo, Eric Harris-double bass, and Alan Jones-drums.

From its opening Saturday night, the club was packed with young people for several years to come. The line-up of The Blue Blood Jazzmen changed gradually from late 1961 with Duncan joining Bill Nile's Delta Jazzmen in 1962. Bev left the band in late 1963 when he joined Ken Rattenbury and his Band. Other members came and went, until the advent of The Beatles, and also the Folk Boom, caused the club to close during 1964. Sadly Rick Vaughan and Duncan Swift are no longer with us, and whilst a one-off reunion night should have been held maybe 15 years ago, Bev decided upon impulse to hold this reunion as soon as possible. As a result, ex-club members and musicians were contacted and within a few weeks, all tickets had gone with people from all over the UK turning up for this wonderful night of nostalgia. Bev's Blue Blood Jazzmen (2009) was made up of members of his current "Good Time Jazz Gang" including both Ken Wright-drums, and Bev, plus Ted Taylor-trumpet, all of whom played at the club in the early 1960s. Norman Field-reeds, Martin Veasey-trombone, stepping in for Barry Phillips who sadly died a mere few weeks before this event, Jon Penn-piano and Len Thwaites-double bass. Various ex-Blue Blood band members were there including Alan Jones-drums, Eric Harris-double bass, John Russell-piano, Pete Burkes-drums, several of whom sat-in with the band as well as Adrian Fendick-piano, Ken Freeman-piano, John Watkins-banjo, Kate Binnion-vocal and "Ollie"-vocal performing his inimitable version of "Ice Cream". Several widows of great musicians who played with the band such as Derek Halford, John Richards, Howard Sheldon, Rick Vaughan were there. Several top musicians such as Gordon Whitworth, John Everett, Jim Shelley, Nick Williams, Martin Williams, George Johnson were unable to make it due to gigs and other commitments etc., however a great night resulted for everyone there. Instead of the hoped for glorious sunshie, it poured with rain, but who cared? The club has a wonderful view overlooking the river, which in the summertime creates a fabulous atmosphere regardless of the weather. People were meeting up with old friends that they hadn't seen for over 45 years. The small dance floor was full, and it was without doubt a night to remember. Margaret Hannaby, who was originally on the door when the club opened in 1961, took on her old job, greeting people as they arrived as if nothing had changed! The surplus funds from the event came to 341.00 which has been donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Bev appearing at The Clifford T. Ward Convention, Sunday 24th September 2006.

"Bev, who was on Clifford T. Ward's first album and first 2 singles, made an appearance at The Clifford T Ward Convention, held at The Gainsborough Hotel, Kidderminster on Sunday 24th September 2006. He was accompanied by Ken Wright on drums who played and toured with Clifford in the 1960s, and was also on his first five albums. Harry Rowlands played bass during the trio's 40 minute set. Rather than perforn CTW songs, they played the pop music of the late 1950s and early 1960s that Clifford used to perform live prior to obtaining his record deal. In between the songs, the crowd were treated to Bev's hilarious anecdotes about family life in the 50s and 60s. Steve Bennett write up.

Rock Icon Plant's impromptu gig - 29.1.05

(Extract from Stourbridge News) Legendary Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant wowed gig-goers when he made an impromptu appearance at Stourbridge Tennis Club. The Rock icon got up on stage at Bev Pegg's concert at the Sugar Loaf Lane club to perform a selection of rock 'n' roll classics. It wasn't the first time the superstar has put in a surprise turn at the club; he pulled the same stunt last year. Plant-who is working on a new album ahead of a world tour later this year- belted out popular hits including Shakin' All Over, Move It, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Baby Let's Play House, Wha'd I Say?, and One Night, backed by the Bev Pegg Band. And according to members of the crowd, the highlight of his brief set was an emotional rendition of If I Was A Carpenter, backed by the acoustic guitar talents of Bev Pegg. Bev said "Words can't describe how good we feel, being able to back one of the greatest rock singers of all time. He's a genuine, modest, great guy".

Robert Plant sings with The Bev Pegg Band - 31.1.04

When Bev and the band, plus comedian Tommy Mundon performed at Stourbridge Tennis Club on Saturday 31st January 2004, the crowd were treated a surprise guest appearance by ex-Led Zeppelin Rock Legend Robert Plant, who got up and sang with Bev's Band. Robert sang songs such as "If I Were A Carpenter", "Be-Bop-A-Lula", "Wha'd I Say" to an ecstatic reception from the crowd. Kevyn Gammond, "Priory of Brion" guitarist, and big buddy of Robert sat in on guitar and displayed his great instrumental and vocal technique. Robert has made these impromptu appearances with The Bev Pegg Band about six times over the past 10 years. Who knows when the next time will be?

'Bittersweet', The Clifford T. Ward Story by Dave Cartwright 

This wonderful book by Dave Cartwright sold out within months of going to print. It is much sought after today, with a premium price being demanded by sellers. In the book, Dave refers to Ken Wright, who drums with Bev and the band as "An 'A' class drummer, with style, flair, and imagination. One who listens." Dave refers to Bev as follows: "Bev, however is irrepressible. He continues to gig wherever and whenever possible: jazz, folk, joke, rock 'n' roll. As keen and as able as ever, an all-enduring enthusiast. The supreme performer."

Sporting Activity

Alongside Bev's musical and business activities is his sporting life. During his late teens and early twenties, he played soccer in the Birmingham AFA League. // Taking up tennis during his late twenties, he represented and later captained Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club playing in the top division of the Hereford and Worcestershire League. He was runner up in the Hereford and Worcester Over 45 Tennis County Championships in 1986. He represented the County during the late 1990s in the Over 55 Team. He won the Hagley Tennis Club title at the ripe old age of 58, beating the 19 year old favourite! // He captained Hagley Squash Club in the Hereford and Worcester Squash League, winning several club awards during the 1970s and 80s. He narrowly lost to the ultimate winner of the Over 45's title, in the 1986 Hereford and Worcester County Squash Championships. // Bev ran the marathon in 1986 in the time of 3 hours 54 minutes. // Bev won the over 65s Hereford and Worcestershire County Tennis Singles Championship on 20th September 2008 at Manor Park Tennis Club, Malvern. The tournament was based on a "one-set shoot out" round robin system with each player playing about four 1-set matches during the day. Bev beat Andrew Saunders 6-3 in the final to take the title. // Bev won the over 60s Worcestershire County Racketball Championship at Redditch on 28th March 2010, beating John Bromley 3-0 in the final. // Bev won the West Midlands over 65's Racketball Championships on 6th March 2011 beating George Garner 3-1 in the final. // Bev's Racketball goal was finally achieved on 6th May 2012. Seeded number one for the Over 70's category, he beat Rod Embley 3-1 in the quarter-final, Chris Isaacs 3-1 in the Semi-final, and George Alpin 3-2 in the final to take the UK National title. //Bev was unable to defend his title in 2013 due to the date clashing with his band playing at The Upton Jazz Festival. However he entered the National Championships once more on weekend 20th - 22nd June 2014 as number one seed. The draw included 5 ex-national champions at previous over 60s / 65s and 70s categories. He beat Roger Middleton from Sussex 3-0 in the quarter-final, Chris Isaacs 3-1 in the semi-final and narrowly beat current champion Rod Embley 3-2 (11-8, 7-11, 11-3, 13-15, 11-6) in the final to regain the Over 70s title. //

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