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Bev Pegg's Gallery


Above left: Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band at Cookley Village Hall on Saturday 20th January 2018. Above right: The Bev Pegg Good Time Four playing at a Wedding Anniversary Party at Wolverley on 30th June 2018. L to R: Andy Leggett-bass saxophone, Tony Pipkin-trumpet, Zoltan Sagi-clarinet, Bev Pegg-banjo. //
Above left: Bev at The Black Country Night Out Show. The show toured around various Midlands theatres during September, October and November 2017. Above right: Black Country Night Out Show Finale. L to R. Allan Briscoe, Steve Henley, Jess Silk, Bev Pegg, Glynnis Briscoe, Ian "Sludge" Lees, James Stevens & Rachel Slater. //
Above left: L to R. John O'Connor, Pete Hartley, Grant Baynham & Bev Pegg at The Woodman Folk Club performing a "Hot Club of France" style Sweet Georgia Brown on 21st July 2017. Above right: Interval time at Blakedown Parish Rooms during the Bev Pegg Annual Rock 'n' Roll Dance Night. //

Above left: Bev sitting in with Ricky Cool and the In Crowd at a private party in Surrey on Saturday 3rd September 2016, plus son-in-law Iain Willetts (of The Red Lemon Electric Blues Band fame behind him). //Above right: Bev with author Angela Daniels at the launch of Angela's book "The Tommy Mundon Story" on Friday 16th September 2016. Bev performed a short spot just prior to the books being put on sale.//

Above left: Bev Pegg and his Blue Blood Jazzmen playing outside Upton Parish Church during the Upton Jazz Festival on Sunday 26th June 2016. L to R - Martin Veasey, Andy Leggett, Tony Pipkin & Bev Pegg. // Above right: Bev entertaining on the main stage at The Women Chainmakers Festival in Cradley Heath on Saturday 2nd July 2016.//

Above Left: Bev Pegg having a sound check at The Conquest Theatre, Bromyard, Herefordshire on Wednesday 4th November 2015 before the Memorial Concert for his good friend Dave Cartwright who died suddenly in August 2015. Also appearing in the show was Richard Digance, Harvey Andrews, Organiser John Montague, local bands Journeyman and Hennesea, Pete Boddis and Roy Smith. // The photo on the right is of Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang at Hagley Community Centre on Saturday 14th November 2015. Line-up - Left to Right - Roger Heeley-piano, Martin Veasey-trombone, Dave Leithead-trumpet, Zoltan Sagi-clarinet/tenor sax, Bob Boucher-double bass, Ken Wright-drums, Bev Pegg-banjop/guitar/vocal. //

Above Left: Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band at Hagley Community Centre on Saturday 17th May 2014. Line-up - Left to right: Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar, Pete Hartley-violin, Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar, Ken Wright-drums/vocal, Hannah Pegg-vocal, Pete Boddis-guitar/vocal, Roy Parry-bass guitar/vocal. // Picture on the right is Pete Boddis singing "I'll Fly Away" with bluegrass harmony vocals plus Pete on mandolin and Maurice on Dobro. //

Above Left: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang playing the closing session at the Upton Jazz Festival on Sunday 30th June 2013 to the usual packed venue. // Right: Ken Wright on drums, who was hidden in the picture on the left! The band line-up was Dave Leithead-trumpet, Pete Allen-clarinet, Martin Veasey-trombone, Roger Heeley-piano, Bev Pegg-guitar/banjo/vocals, Len Thwaites-double bass, Ken Wright-drums. There are quite a few You Tube Videos of this session...check out Route 66 for example. //
Brief history of Bev at The Upton Jazz Festival: Going back to 2001, Bev pleaded with "Sir" Alan Buckley for a chance to have a spot at the Upton Jazz Festival. "Sir" Alan kindly gave Bev an opportunity, with a trio, then the following year with Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang. From 2003 to 2005, Bev was performing solo interval spots at various Upton Jazz Festival venues. Being aware of the good crowd response to Bev's stories between songs, he was booked with his Railroad Skiffle Group from 2006 until 2008 doing several sessions at various Upton Jazz Festival venues. Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang and also his Railroad Skiffle Group were both hired for the 2009 and 2010 Upton Jazz Festivals. For the 2011 Festival, Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang were booked to play the late Sunday session to close the Festival (to keep the crowds there). The large "Fat's Place" marquee was heaving with folks, together with nearly as many again standing around the outside. Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang were again booked to close the Upton Jazz Festival in 2012. Bad flooding caused their session to be moved to Hanley Castle School. Notwithstanding, it was packed again, with a lot of people in temporary seating right around the side of the stage, and many others not being able to get into the venue. //

Above left shows Bev Pegg with Bryan Chalker, ex-Mayor of Bath, great singer and also presenter of "Same Roots, Different Fruits" every Monday evening between 7.00pm and 9.00pm on Somer Valley 97.5FM and UK Country Radio. Bryan called in to listen to Bev performing at Mount Pleasant Jazz Club, Bradford-on-Avon on Friday 2nd August 2013. // Above right is a picture of Bev at The Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford on Friday 21st June 2013. He was later joined during the evening by Pete Hartley-violin, John O'Connor-bass and Roy Parry-guitar. There are several videos on You Tube of this gig. //

Above left is of Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band playing at Stowe by Chartley Village Hall on Saturday 13th October 2012. L. to R. Maurice Hipkiss, Sally Minchin, Ken Wright (hidden) Bev Pegg, Pete Boddis, Harry Rowlands. //
Above right is Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band performing at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on Saturday 26th January 2013. L. to R. Dutch Lewis, Ted Bunting, Ricky Cool, Brian Godwin, Bev Pegg, Ken Wright, Harry Rowlands. //


The above picture on the left is of Bev Pegg and his Railroad Skiffle Group playing at the Bromyard Music Festival on Saturday 18th August 2012. L. to R. Paul Degville, Ken Wright, Bev Pegg, Harry Rowlands. //
Above right is a shot of Bev jamming with various guys at the Didmarton Bluegrass Festival on Friday 31st August 2012. Bev visits this great little festival every year and plays along all day with a wide range of various pickup outfits. ///

The Annual Bev Pegg Rock 'n' Roll Night at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club took place on Saturday 28th January 2012.  Bev' 7-piece "All Star" Band performed to a packed venue, with all tickets sold three weeks before the gig. Line-up was Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar, Ricky Cool-harp/baritone sax/vocal, Ted Bunting-tenor sax, Dutch Lewis-alto/tenor/baritone sax, Brian Godwin-keyboard, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar, Ken Wright-drums, plus cameo appearances from Hannah McCormack and Dave Slater. //

Bev appeared at Colchester Jazz Club on Sunday 11th December 2011. Pianist Dave Browning organised a band of top musicians to play alongside Bev, and a good night was had by all. Left to right: Dave Browning-piano, Les Handscombe-trombone,Derek Pring-double bass, Hugh Rainey-trumpet, John Benson-drums, Roger Myerscough-clarinet/baritone sax, Bev-voc/guitar/banjo.

              Community Centre

Above: Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band, taken right after the gig at Hagley Community Centre on Wednesday 18th May 2011. The event was organised by The Rotary Club of Stourbridge and raised 1,300.00 for the "Help The Heroes" charity plus other Rotary Charities. Bev's Cowboy Band were augmented by the addition of three great guest artists, Jim Merris, Hannah McCormack and Hazel Rider. Left to right: Ken Wright-drums, Hazel Rider-banjo/vocal, Jim Merris-harmonica/vocal, Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar, Pete Hartley-violin/mandolin, Hannah McCormack-vocal, Harry Rowlands-bass/vocal, Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar/dobro, and Pete Boddis-vocal/guitar. //


  Bev with George Huxley at George's Jazz Club, held at The Old Sils Club, Solihull on 25th November 2010. Bev was the guest for the evening, doing his solo spot and playing with George's great band consisting of Gordon Whitworth, Ron Hills, Barry Norman, John Fellows, Jon Penn, Caz Shennington and George Huxley himself, of whom Bev considers to be the best soprano sax player in his style in the UK.//



Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band at Clent Parish Hall on Saturday 21st August 2010. Line up was Cliff Willams and Dutch Lewis on saxes, Nick Blunn-keyboard, Ken Wright-drums, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar and Bev Pegg-vocal and guitar. There are three songs from this gig on You Tube should you feel inclined to have a look!



Bev and his Cowboy Band made their 2nd appearance at The Canwell Show on Saturday 7th August 2010. Making his debut on violin was the wonderfully talented Ben Holder. Whilst he has a made a name for himself as one of the foremost jazz violinists in the UK and Europe, this was Ben's first ever country gig. He was a great success and received the acclaim of the crowd with his superb playing. Pictures above:
Left - Ben Holder.
Right picture, L to R: Maurice Hipkiss, Ben Holder, Bev Pegg, Ken Wright (hidden), Pete Boddis and Harry Rowlands.//



Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band at Hagley Community Centre on Wednesday 19th May 2010, playing to a packed hall of around 150 people for the Annual Charity Country and Western Night organised by The Rotary Club of Stourbridge.
Top left ia a group picture of the band at the end of the evening. L. to R. Maurice Hipkiss-pedal steel guitar, Pete Hartley-violin and mandolin, Salene-violin, Bev Pegg-vocal and guitar, Ken Wright-drums, Pete Boddis-guitar and vocals, Harry Rowlands-bass guitar and vocals.
Picture at the top right shows the band in action. L. to R. Maurice Hipkiss, Salene, Pete Hartley, Bev Pegg, Ken Wright (obscured), Pete Boddis and Harry Rowlands. Check out You Tube to see a few live numbers from this gig if you have the time.


Top Left: Bev became one of the John Sparry & Strings outfit at The Trumpet Jazz Pub on Tuesday 23rd February 2010. The group consisted of John Sparry on vibes, Richard Werritt on guitar, Jim Sutton on bass, Bev on guitar and vocals, plus various sitters-in as is the scene at this legendary little pub which features jazz every night of the week. The first band that Bev ever played with at the age of 15, was John Sparry's group. Here they are, still gigging together over fifty years later!



The Annual Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club was held on Saturday 6th February 2010. Tickets were sold out five weeks before the event as usual. Appearing with Bev's band were the legendary Ricky Cool on saxophone, harmonica and vocals, together with his great rock 'n' roll sax buddy from his Hoola Boola Boys Band, Ted Bunting. A cameo country spot from Pete Boddis rounded up a great night.
Top left picture, L to R: Ted Bunting, Dutch Lewis, Ricky Cool on saxes, Brian Godwin (hidden) on keyboard, Ken Wright (hidden) on drums, Bev Pegg on vocal & guitar, Harry Rowlands on bass guitar and Terry Clerke on guitar.
Top right picture, L to R: Brian Godwin, Ted Bunting, Ricky Cool, Bev Pegg. Rest of the guys hidden.


2009: Left: Bev with his collection of Sessionette Amplifiers. Bottom left - 1986 Sessionette 100 Bass Combo, top left - 1985 Sessionette SG75, top right - 1989 Sessionette 90, bottom right - 1984 Sessionette SG75. These amps are lightweight, compact, incredibly well made and if required, LOUD! No other amp will do as far as Bev is concerned. 

Right: "White Christmas" being sung at Kidderminster Harriers Sports and Social Club on 19.12.09. Left to right: Ricky Valance ("Tell Laura I Love Her"- No 1 hit in 1960), Sam Padgett and Becky Neale (Lady and the Sax), and Bev. On stage at the same time, next to Bev, although unfortunately not shown on the photo was the excellent Bobby Thompson (Many top 10 hits during the mid-1960s with The Rockin' Berries).



2009:Bev's Cowboy Band had a new debutant playing her first gig with them at Neen Sollars Village Hall on November 7th. Salene fitted into the band seamlessly, and delighted the crowd with her excellent soloing and tasteful playing. Another "plus" factor from the band's point of view was that she brought the average age of the group down considerably!




2009: The Riverside Jazz Club Reunion Charity Night at Stourport Boat Club, 48 years on from it's opening in 1961. Bev Pegg and his "2009 Blue Blood Jazzmen" containing three original members played during the evening, and backed many sitters-in from the original band that played at the club during the early 1960s.
Top Left - L. to R. Martin Veasey, Ted Taylor, Norman Field, Jon Penn (hidden), Len Thwaites, Bev Pegg and Ken Wright.
Top Right - L. to R. Jon Penn, Len Thwaites and Ken Wright.
Bottom Left - L. to R. Kate Binnion on vocal.
Bottom Right - The "famous" Bev Pegg Band World Tour Polo Shirt!


2009: Superb Essex based pianist Dave Browning played with Bev's Good Time Jazz Gang on 10th May at Colchester Jazz Club. 


2009: The line-up of Bev Pegg and his Rock 'n' Roll Band before blasting off at the Annual Charity Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on Saturday 17th January. L. to R. Dutch Lewis, Harry Rowlands, Brian Godwin, Cliff Williams, Ken Wright, Bev Pegg, Kate Pegg, Iain Willetts, Terry Clarke, and guest singer Dave Slater prior to his jetting off to the show at the Surf Ballroom, Iowa to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Buddy Holly's death in a plane crash back in 1959. During his trip, Dave recorded a six-track CD in Nashville accompanied by The Jordanaires and also ex-Buddy Holly guitarist Tommy Allsup.


2008: As a contrast to picures of the band, here's a photograph of the crowd at the Annual Charity Jazz Night at Hagley Community Centre, featuring Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang. As an average, this event sells out about 4-5 weeks before the gig.



2008: On 19th November 2008, Stourbridge Music Centre held an evening where Pete Boddis's collection of vintage guitars was on display as well as a wide collection available from the shop itself. In the picture on the left, there is Maurice Hipkiss, Bev Pegg and Pete Boddis. A cardboard cut out of Jools Holland is behind, not the real one. Unfortunately he couldn't make it! The picture on the right shows Maurice, Bev, Ben Smith and Pete.


2008: Bev with Stourbridge Blues Legend Perry Foster, at Robert Plant's Birthday Party during August 2008.



2008: Bev Pegg and his Cowboy Band make their debut at Hagley Community Centre on 13.8.08. Top Left - L. to R. Pete Hartley, Bev Pegg, Ken Wright, Maurice Hipkiss, Harry Rowlands and Pete Boddis. Top Right - L. to R. Bev, Pete Boddis and Maurice Hipkiss. Bottom Left - A view of the stage from the capacity crowd.




2008: Four photographs of Bev's Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in January 2008. Top Left - a view from the crowd, Top Right - Dutch Lewis, Cliff Williams and Bev, Bottom Left - Ken Wright and Elvis....we knew he wasn't dead! Bottom Right - Bev, with daughter Kate, and Iain Willetts.


2008: A star of the "swingin' sixties" Andy Brown depped with Bev's band at the Cabot Bars,  Weston-Super-Mare on 5th January 2008. Andy was one of the original members of The Fortunes who had a number 2 hit with "You've Got Your Troubles", plus many other hits such as "Here It Comes Again", "This Golden Ring", "Freedom Come, Freedom Go", "Storm In A Teacup" etc.


2007: Bev Pegg and his Railroad Skiffle Group, playing at the "Under The Bridge" venue at The Upton Jazz Festival in 2007. L. to R. Paul Degville, "local hero" Clive sitting in on spoons, Ken Wright, Bev Pegg and Harry Rowlands.

2006: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang line-up for the Annual Hagley Charity Jazz Night. L. to R. Norman Field, Arthur Brown, Roger Heeley, Len Thwaites, Richard Leach (kneeling at front), Ken Wright, Bev Pegg.




2006: Every year since 1978 there has been a "Bev Pegg Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, and every year since 1971, Bev has put a show on there. The format of the show has been undated on a regular basis. Bev can recall putting a Folk Night on at the club during 1973, hiring Jasper Carrott to appear on the bill for the princely sum of 40.00! He'd probably want more than that today. Many guest artists and singers have appeared at these gigs over the years, none more famous than the legendary Robert Plant. Other artistes have included Tommy Mundon, Dandy, Reg Keirle, Lee Wilson, Kevyn Gammond, Terry Clarke, Kate Pegg, Dave Cartwright, Dave Slater, Big Jim Merris, Ted Bunting and Dutch Lewis to name but a few. Here are a few pictures of the band at the 2006 event with Big Jim Merris on vocals, Cliff Williams and Dutch Lewis on saxes, Harry Rowlands on bass, Ken Wright on drums, Iain Willets on guitar, Brian Godwin on keyboard, Terry Clarke on guitar and Dave Slater on vocals.




2005: Above - Robert Plant delighted the crowd at Bev's Annual Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on 29th January 2005, singing a selection of late 1950s / early 1960s rock classics in his own inimitable style.

2004: Above left. Robert Plant & Bev singing "Goodnight Irene" to end the Annual Rock 'n' Roll Revue at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club on Saturday 31st January 2004. Above right- Cliff Williams, Robert Plant, Bev Pegg & Kevyn Gammond at the same gig.



2004: Bev guested on lead guitar with Giggetty during the Black Country Night Out Show Tour, playing at theatres throughout the Midlands during 2004. The artists appearing were Tommy Mundon, Dandy, Giggetty, Lizzie Wiggins and Aynuk and Ayli. These are a few randon photographs taken backstage at various theatres. Top - Bev and Tommy Mundon, Middle Left - Giggetty - Bev, Tony Dalloway, Anne and Jack Webb. Middle Right - Lizzie Wiggins. Bottom Left - Allan Briscoe (Dandy) Anne Webb (Giggetty), Glynnis Briscoe (Dandy) and Tony Dalloway (Giggetty). Bottom Right - Alan Smith and John Plant (Aynuk and Ayli).


2003: Bev entertaining the crowd at the Upton Jazz Festival.


2002: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Four at Earl's High School, Halesowen. L. to R. Len Thwaites, John Burnett, Bev Pegg, Mike Turner.


2001: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang at the Annual Charity Jazz Night. L. to R. Tony Caldicott, Jon Penn, Len Thwaites, Bev Pegg, Derek Halford, Gordon Whitworth, Rick Vaughan, Tony Billingham.


2001: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang at the Annual Charity Jazz Night. L. to R. Tony Billingham, Jon Penn, Rick Vaughan, Bev Pegg, John O'Connor, Gordon Whitworth, Tony Caldicott, Derek Halford.


2000: A Rhythmaires reunion at Pete Burke's House in Shrawley. L. to R. Adrian Fendick, Roy Parry, Harry Rowlands, Bev Pegg and Pete Burkes.

The 1990s (31/12/1999)

Press promotion picture of the "Here Comes Summer" show at Brierley Hill Civic Hall on Saturday 26th March 1995. Left to right: Dave Cartwright, Angela Daniels, Cliff Williams, Harry Rowlands, Brian Godwin, Bev Pegg, Tommy Mundon, Jill Hughes, Allan & Glynnis Briscoe (Dandy) and Marlene.


Left to right: Dutch Lewis, Stan Webb and Bev Pegg at Arley Village Hall 1990. //

Dutch Lewis, Brian Godwin, Bev Pegg, Harry Rowlands, Kate Pegg, Patsy Aston, Terry Clarke at Brierley Hill Civic Hall  1993. //


Left to right: Dutch Lewis, Brian Godwin, Harry Rowlands, Bev Pegg, Kate Pegg, Petsy Aston,Ken Wright, Allan & Glynnis Briscoe (Dandy), Tommy Mundon, Terry Clarke, Brian Langtry, Anne & Jack Webb, Tony Dalloway (Giggetty) at Brierley Hill Civic Hall 1993. //

Kate Pegg, Bev Pegg, Dutch Lewis, Harry Rowlands,Sonny Curtis (ex-Buddy Holly & The Crickets), Ken Wright, Terry Clarke, Patsy Aston, Allan & Glynnis Briscoe (Dandy) at Edgcliff Theatre, Kinver 1993. ///


Bev Pegg opening the 1995 "Here Comes Summer" show at Brierley Hill Civic. //

Left to right: Cliff Williams, Brian Godwin, Angela Daniels, Jill Hughes, Bev Pegg, Ken Wright (hidden), Harry Rowlands, Terry Clarke "Here Comes Summer" at Brierley Hill Civic 1995.///


Left to right: Cliff Williams, Brian Godwin, Bev Pegg, Marlene, Glynnis & Allan Briscoe (Dandy), Ken Wright, Tommy Mundon, Harry Rowlands, Dave Cartwright, Angela Daniels, Jill Hughes, Terry Clarke - "Here Comes Summer" show at Brierley Hill Civic Hall 1995. //

Bev Pegg, Ken Rattenbury, Bill Bickerton, Don Gray and Tony Caldicott at "The Trumpet Jazz Pub", Bilston 1996.///


Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang's first get together and recording of their initial album in May 1997. Left to right: Len Thwaites, Derek Halford, Tony Caldicott, Gordon Whitworth, Bev Pegg, Rick Vaughan, Ken Freeman and Zoltan Sagi. //

Left to right: Robert Plant, Ken Wright, Bev Pegg at Bewdley High School 1998. ///


Left to right: Cliff Williams, Brian Godwin, Kevyn Gammond, Ken Wright, Robert Plant, Bev Pegg, Harry Rowlands, Terry Clarke at Bewdley High School 1998. //

Left to right: Bev Pegg and his Good Time Jazz Gang. Rick Vaughan, Len Thwaites, Alan Robinson, Tony Caldicott, Dave Leithead, Bev Pegg, Derek Halford at Hagley Community Centre during October 1999. ///

The 1980s (31/12/1979)

  1. Bit naff, but what the hell! A Janice Pearson creative introduction for Bev in one of her show productions at Brierley Hill Civic Hall in 1983 //
2. L to R - Terry Clarke, Dave Slater & Bev at Stourbridge 1983 //
3. Publicity pic of Bev for his album "Let's Pass An Hour Away" 1987. // 
4. L to R - Dutch Lewis-baritone sax, Maurice Turner - tenor sax, Bev Pegg-vocal/guitar, Ken Wright-drums, Lorraine Beasley-backing vocal, Patsy Aston-backing vocal, at Hagley Hall 1985.//
5. L to R - Terry Clarke, Bev, Patsy Aston and Lorraine Beasley at Stourbridge 1986 //
6. View from the crowd at Stourbridge Tennis Club gig 1986. //
7. L to R - Bev, Patsy Aston and Kate Pegg at Stourbridge 1987  //
8. L to R - Robert Plant, Bev Pegg and Terry Clarke at Arley 1989 




The 1970s (31/12/1979)

1. Back, L to R - Clifford T Ward, Ken Wright. Front, L to R - Derek Thomas, Terry Clarke, pictured by Bev at Zella Recording Studios, Edgbaston in 1970 recording the initial demos that launched Cliff's career, that resulted in his no. 6 UK hit with "Gaye" in August 1973. This record topped the charts in Brazil and Australia at the same time. //
2. One of the sleeve photographs of "Village Music" by Brindley Brae LP. L to R. Harry Rowlands, John Richards, Kate Binnion, Bev Pegg, Mike Tinsley, sitting on Bev's Marcos Mantis //
3. L to R - Bob Williamson, hilarious comedy folkie plus Dave Cartwright and Bev at Stourbridge Tennis Club in 1973. Bev has organised functions every year at Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club since 1971. The year after this function, Jasper Carrott was the guest artist at the very high cost of 40!! //
4. Bev in his studio at Kinver 1979. //
5. Bev Pegg and his Goin' Nowhere Band, L to R - Bev Pegg, Gary Tolley, Paul Macreath, Dave Pountney taken at Bev's Kinver home / studio in 1978. This picture was used on the front cover of the band's album that was released in 1978. //



The 1960s

1. The Blue Blood Jazzmen at Stourport Boat Club in 1961. Duncan Swift-trombone, Frank Rogers-trumpet, Rick Vaughan-clarinet, Bev Pegg-guitar/banjo, Alan Jones-drums & Eric Harris-bass //
2. The Blue Blood Jazzmen at The Plymouth Arms, Stratford-upon-Avon 1962. L to R:Eric Harris-bass, Pete Hindle-trumpet, Ken Wright-drums, Duncan Swift-trombone, Rick Vaughan-clarinet & Bev Pegg-guitar. This club folded after a massive fight amongst the crowd one evening! //
3. A casual jazz session at Bev's 21st at the Stewponey 1962. Pete Burkes-drums, Bev Pegg-guitar, Phil Lawless-bass, Adrian Fendick-piano,Rick Vaughan-clarinet. //
4. The John Gibbins Jazz Band 1963. L to R: Roger Bruton-drums, John Gibbins-trumpet, Brian Casson-trombone, Alan George-bass, Two joint promoters, Bev Pegg-guitar & Les Williams-clarinet. // 
5. The Blue Blood Jazzmen at the Crown Jazz Club, Stourport 1963. L to R: Rick Vaughan, Bev Pegg, Jim Shelley, Ken Wright & Stan Lionel. //
6. On a Riverboat Shuffle at Worcester with the Round Table Jazz Band in 1967. John Gibbins-trumpet, Barry Phillips-trombone, Joe Lees-clarinet, Bev Pegg-guitar, Pete York-drums, Cliff Windmill-double bass//
7. Cliff Ward, later to be known as Clifford T Ward, puts a vocal track down at Bev's Kinver Recording Studio in 1968.




Beginnings! Pre 1960

A few ancient pictures:  
1. Bev's Grandfather's group, The Red Rose Troupe in 1908, who performed at local concert parties and summer fetes. Bev's grandfather, William Pegg is on the left at the back, and his sister Minnie Pegg is at the front in the centre. // 2. Bev's Mom and Dad, accompanied by Charles Badham on piano, singing at a function in 1954 where the FA Cup, won by West Brom, the Football League Trophy, won by Wolves, and the Birmingham AFA trophy were paraded proudly during this golden era of success for West Midlands Soccer. There are a couple of videos on You Tube about Bev's parents. Type "Norah Bennett" into the search box, and also "The Burford Singers", and the relevant short videos should be found.//
3. A bit of Doo Wop at from the Rhythmaires at Halesowen in 1958. L to R - Adrian Fendick, Roy Parry, Bev.//
4. Pete, Harry and Bev in 50s pose! //
5. Pete Burkes, Harry Rowlands and Bev in the skiffle era 1957 //
6. The Rhythmaires in 1959 after winning the Laurels Trophy Talent Competition. L to R-Pete Burkes, Adrian Fendick, Roy Parry and Bev.// 




Industrial Roots:

Bev has always lived within a 10 mile radius of where he was born. Most of his humorous anecdotes used in his act, originate from real life situations in his local area.
His grandfather William Pegg, began a chainmaking business in Cradley during 1921, Cradley Chain & Manufacturing Ltd. Bev's father Ashley, took it over in 1945 and introduced the production of castings. Chainmaking ceased in 1957, as castings output increased rapidly.
Bev took over as managing director in 1964, and the company changed it's name to Cradley Castings Ltd.
Following many years of growth, the manufacturing side of the company closed in 2002 as many other UK companies did due to the increase in imports of low priced castings from the far east.
These are a few pictures of the family firm from years gone by:
1. A group of chainmakers in 1953. William Pegg is third from the left. //
2. 1953 Picture of moulding shop with shafts of light breaking through the fumes.//
3. Moulders pouring molten metal into their moulds in 1953 //
4. 1976 Presentation to long serving employee, Bill Woodhall. Bev and father Ashley Pegg are on either side of Bill. //
5. 1995 picture of Cradley Castings management team. L to R - Alan Yates-managing director, Dennis Phipps-production manager, Sam Wooton-foundry manager, Alan Pearson-quality manager, and Bev Pegg-chairman at front in middle.
Bev produced a glossy 50 page photographic scrapbook on the history of the company to celebrate it's 75th Anniversary in 1996. A few of these are still around but now fetch premium prices from collectors.



Contact Bev Pegg on...
Telephone: 01562 883493
Email: enquiries@bevpegg.co.uk
(Alternative Email: bevpegg@blueyonder.co.uk)
12, Woodchester, Hagley, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 0NF